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Monday, October 20th, 2014

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12 Ways Democrats and Republicans Are Exploiting the Ebola Virus for Political Gain


Now that Ebola has arrived in the United States, the nation’s leaders are wasting no time politicizing the outbreak, while thousands are dying in Africa. Here are 12 ways Democrats and Republicans are exploiting the crisis for political gain.   Support the Military Industrial Complex The War on Ebola is the new War on Terror and Republicans have found […]

7 Black Celebrities You May Not Know Have Sickle Cell Anemia


Larenz Tate Actor Larenz Tate, who is best known for his role as O-Dog in the 1993 film Menace II Society, has sickle cell anemia. His other films include Dead Presidents, Love Jones, A Man Apart, Waist Deep, Biker Boyz and Ray. “It’s really important to know if you carry the disease,” Tate says. He […]

What the Russian Tennis Federation President Said About the Williams Sisters Was Heinous and Derogatory — Was the Punishment Severe Enough?

Williams Sisters

Video by ESPN

50 Interesting Facts About Nicki Minaj


1. Her full name is Onika Tanya Maraj. 2. She has two brothers and one sister. 3. She is of African and Afro-Asian descent. 4. As a child, she had a rough upbringing. Her father was said to be abusive and a drug addict. He reportedly tried to kill her mother and even attempted to set the house on […]

It Will Shock You When You See What European and Japanese Ships Have Been Doing To African Waters

Somali Pirates

  Video By Democaracy Now

11 Little-Known Facts About Thomas Jefferson and Slavery

jefferson 7

Thomas Jefferson, who was personally requested by John Adams to draw up a draft of the Declaration of Independence, initially blamed the king of England for the enslavement of African people. The entry reads, in part: “He has waged cruel war against human nature itself, violating its most sacred rights of life and liberty in […]

Watch How the US Government Has Historically Misled Black People into Focusing on Voter Registration Instead of Economic Empowerment

Robert Kennedy

12 Facts About Slavery in Jamaica That Shaped Its Society


Jamaica’s First Enslaved People Once Jamaica was “discovered” by Spain in 1494, the Arawaks, who had inhabited the island for centuries, were quickly subjected to brutality and slavery, becoming the first enslaved people on the island.     Kidnapped Africans Arrive The first enslaved Africans brought to Jamaica came in 1534 when Pedro Mazuelo, one […]

14 Famous Black Celebrities Who Grew Up In Extreme Poverty


Oprah Winfrey The media proprietor spent the first six years of her life in poverty while living with her maternal grandmother. According to a 2005 article on, Winfrey wore “hessian overalls made from potato sacks that earned her the cruel nickname ‘Sack Girl’. She had pet cockroaches and a doll made from a dried corn […]

Things Get Heated When These African Migrants Finally Confront The Swiss For Their Inhumane Treatment While Being Detained

African Migrants

Video By PBS

This Video Captures The Disturbing Truth About The History Of The American Education System

white mans burden

12 Little-Known Facts About the Haitian Revolution


On Aug. 14, 1791, the Haitian Revolution began with the Bois Caïman ceremony, a popular voodoo ceremony. Enslaved people met in the forest to create plans to burn down plantations and start an all-out rebellion. On Aug. 16, 1791, some enslaved men began setting fire to an estate and eventually told white masters about the plan […]

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