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Saturday, July 26th, 2014

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This Black Female Executive Was Mistaken for the Kitchen Help, But She Uses the Experience to Teach an Amazing Lesson

Black Women as Help

  CEO Mellody Hobson was mistaken as kitchen help and takes the opportunity to use her experience to build awareness. Video by Ted talks.

Dr. Anderson Gives One of The Most Truthful Analyses on Why Black People Struggle

Black Economics

Dr. Claude Anderson shares his thoughts on why Black people struggle around the world. Video by Hidden Colors.

10 Civil Rights Women Activists You Should Know


Overlooked Civil Rights Leaders During slavery, Reconstruction and the Civil Rights Movement, Black women endured segregation, discrimination, white terrorism and verbal abuse. Women were just as involved in the Civil Rights Movement as men. However, their contributions are often overlooked. Civil Rights scholars acknowledge that women were the backbone of the movement, some arguing that women […]

7 Black Celebrities Who Faced Death and Lived to Talk About it

Martin Lawrence smile

  Martin Lawrence In 1999,  Martin Lawrence nearly died after suffering a heat stroke and slipping into a coma. The actor was wearing several layers of clothing and jogging in 100 degree heat in an attempt to lose weight for a part in a film. After returning home from his run, he had a temperature of 107, […]

Florida Man Accused of Attempted Murder Refuses Help from ‘Negro’ Public Defender

Racist rant in court

Thomas Thorpe of Florida launches a racist rant against his African-American public defender. Video by WKMG6

You Won’t Believe How Far This Reporter Went to Discredit the Black People of Detroit in the Water Crisis

Detroit Water

Maureen D. Taylor, chair of the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, tells a younger white man to check his facts before spreading lies on national television. Video by MSNBC.

You Won’t Believe The Racist Things This TV Reporter Had the Nerve to Say While Covering a Violent Crime

Tv Reporter

After reporting on a shooting that happened in Jersey City, N.J., reporter Sean Bergin told his viewers that the violence that happened was because young Black men don’t have fathers. Video by News 12

9 Facts You May Not Have Known About Haile Selassie I


Haile Selassie I: Emperor of Ethiopia Ras Tafari Makonnen lived from July 23, 1892, to Aug. 27, 1975. The Rastafari movement was born when political leader Marcus Garvey proclaimed: “Look to Africa for the crowning of a Black king.” A few years later, in 1930, Makonnen was crowned emperor of Ethiopia and took the name Haile Selassie I. […]

5 Token Black Characters From ’90s TV Shows And What Happened To Them

markus redmond

Angela Moore From 1997-2000, actress Trina McGee played Angela Moore on 60 episodes on Boy Meets World. McGee’s character was a Black girl who had an interracial relationship with Rider Strong’s character, Shawn Hunter, in the ABC show. Their up-and-down relationship continued through the college years of Boy Meets World, and ended with an aborted marriage proposal on […]

Immigration Author Explains Why Black People Are Not Considered American


Immigration author Mark Krikorian explains why Black people are not considered American. Video by BookTV C-Span2

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