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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

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New Raw Video Surfaces of NYPD Chokehold Tragedy

Eric Garner

New video of Eric Garner, who died last week when a New York Police Department officer placed him in an illegal chokehold. Video by Sylon R

5 Cultural Phenomena Created By Black People That Other People Get Credit For

egyptian martial arts

Martial Arts Although the term “martial art” was originally used to describe the combat systems of Europe as early as the 1550s, it became heavily associated with the fighting arts of eastern Asia, and now ultimately encompasses all known codified fighting systems. However, Korean karate master  Masutatsu Oyama wrote about the origins of codified fighting systems  in his […]

You Will be Shocked at How the Moroccan Government is Targeting Black Africans For Racism

Black Africans

  Video by FRANCE 24 English

10 Quotes That Perfectly Explain Racism To People Who Claim They’re Colorblind

dave chappelle 1

Samuel L. Jackson In a 2011 New York Times interview, actor Samuel Jackson said: “People know about the Klan and the overt racism, but the killing of one’s soul little by little, day after day, is a lot worse than someone coming in your house and lynching you.”   Dave Chappelle Comedian-actor Dave Chappelle explains […]

This Video Will Make You Question If Black People Will Ever Stop Measuring Their Success By White People’s Standards

Black Money

Video from the documentary film Black History — Lost, Stolen, or Strayed

You’ll be Shocked to Hear Why Minister Louis Farrakhan Says African-Americans Don’t Care About Other Blacks From Around The World


During the live news talk show on New York’s KISS FM, Minister Louis Farrakhan discussed the division among Black people around the world. Video by KISS FM.

You Will Cringe When You Hear the Racist and Sexist Connection This Fox News Commentator Makes Between Beyonce and Government Checks

Jesse Waters

Fox News’ Jesse Watters makes a ridiculous comparison between Beyonce and single ladies. Video from Fox News

13 Facts You May Not Have Known About Nelson Mandela


Nelson Mandela: The Man Called Madiba Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born July 18, 1918. In November 2009, the United Nations General Assembly declared his birthday “Mandela Day.” It is a day to remember and celebrate Mandela’s contributions to freedom. Mandela’s inauguration as president of South Africa in 1994 was historic for many reasons. He was […]

Global Racism: Find Out Why Some Egyptian Arabs Refuse to Identify as African Despite Living on the Continent


Video by CNN.

This Rare Tupac Interview is an Awesome Assessment on Why It’s Hard For Some Black People to ‘Bootstrap’ Themselves Out of Poverty


Rapper Tupac perfectly explains why it’s so hard for Black people to ‘bootstrap’ themselves out of poverty. Video by americanafricaneducation radio.

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