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Friday, January 30th, 2015

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This Commentator Tries To Make A Point About Black Accountability, But Isn’t He Missing The Bigger Picture?

Racist Geraldo

Video by FOX

10 Signs That You May Be a White Supremacist (Who Happens to Be Black)

Group of smiling friends against white background

One of the most obvious signs of a white supremacist is an apparent belief that white people are superior to Black people. This belief in fact may be rooted in self-hatred or a sense of inferiority that bubbles just beneath the surface, but the outward manifestation is the hatred and mistreatment of Black people. Psychologists […]

You Have to Hear These Words From Martin Luther King Jr. That Are Quite Contrary to the ‘Dream’ Speech

Dr. King Sound Like Malcolm X

Video Posted online by OurBlackImprovement

5 Reasons Why ‘Empire’ Is Winning TV Ratings But Failing Black People


Same Ole, Same Ole The show does nothing to advance the perception of Blacks or alter how Blacks are viewed by non-Blacks across the world. Every show does not and cannot project the true image of working-class Blacks who are law-abiding, hard-working and committed to family. That’s a more accurate reality of Black life. But […]

You Have to See the Way This Black Woman Puts a Fox News Anchor in Check for an Ignorant Statement About Racism and Media Propaganda

Racism Fox News

Video by Fox News

How These Black Businesses Came Together For Black Students Is Amazing, But How Can They Replicate This Model For Further Success?

Selma Black Business

Video by MSNBC

This Black Father Asks a Devasting Question That No Parent Should Have to Ask

Black Fathers

Video by ForaTV

Watch This Mind-Blowing Video on How Ancient African People Brilliantly Studied and Understood The Stars Without A Telescope

African Cosmos

Video by LACMA

7 Reasons Why the Systemic Eviction of Black Women Is Just as Destructive to the Black Family as Black Male Incarceration


It has been well-documented that the large-scale incarceration of Black men has become a scourge destroying Black families and communities all across the U.S. But for Black women, eviction has quietly become an extremely destructive force also wreaking havoc on Black families and Black communities. And after a woman is evicted once, it can follow […]

6 Eye Opening Reasons Why Rappers Go Broke


Minding Their Business Most rap artists do not have even a remedial understanding of sound business. They are artists and do not take the time to learn about the side of the industry that will keep them eating. Instead, they eagerly sign away their talents for what amounts to tens of thousands of dollars — […]

What This Video Precisely Reveals About How Some European Companies Are Exploiting Africa Is Seriously Outrageous

European Companies

Video by Press TV

Why Does Mainstream Media Conspicuously Omit These Historical Stories About Black People Rising Up Against White Supremacy?

White Ruling Power


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