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Friday, December 19th, 2014

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Jesse Williams Gives the Most Passionate, Thought-Provoking 6-Minute Rant on White Supremacy You’ll Ever Hear From a Celebrity

Jessie Williams

Video by King Leon

Two People Ask The Same Lady For Change At A Bus Stop; What Happens Next Is Mind-Blowing 


Video by Prank Nation

10 Disturbing Online Comments From Cops About The Eric Garner Decision That Will Make You Cringe


Some officers have stepped forward and actually admitted that racism still plagues their departments and that police brutality is something that needs to be handled immediately. Of course, these comments are coming from officers who decided to speak to the media, show their faces and reveal their identities. These officers are also very few and […]

Through His Pain and Grief, John Crawford’s Father Sends One Clear Message Everyone Should Hear

John Crawford's Father

Video by News 2 Share

10 Racist Bands You Won’t Believe Are On iTunes

ABS_YouthDefense League

According to an investigation by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Apple’s iTunes service, along with Amazon and Spotify, sell music produced by hate groups. Even though Apple is the only company to report taking any action in response to this claim, it only removed some of the hate music being distributed through its service.   H8Machine H8Machine […]

Watch How This School District Was Caught Miseducating Its Students About Slavery

Text Books

Video By CBS News 4

Damon Dash Offers Some Harsh Opinions About the Black Business Community, But Is He Right?

Damon Dash

Video by Hip Hop Motivation

6 Blacks From the US, Africa and the Caribbean Who Flourish at Skiing


Andre Horton – Anchorage, Alaska Horton is from Anchorage, Alaska, which is strange enough. But to be a Black man skiing makes his story that much more intriguing. He became one of the best-known and successful African-American skiers. In 2001, he made history as the first Black skier to be on the U.S. Alpine Ski Team. […]

Is There Any Validation to What Herman Cain Is Saying About the Relationship Between the Police and the Black Community?

Herman Cain

Video by FOX News

10 Most Successful Black Companies in the U.S. for 2014


10. SET Enterprises Inc. The company started out as S.E.T. Steel back in 1989 after chairman Sid E. Taylor left a management position with General Motors. In 2001, S.E.T. Steel became SET Enterprises Inc. and one of the biggest metal-processing companies in the United States. The company is based in Warren, Michigan, and despite falling […]

Watch Noam Chomsky Literally Explain Ferguson In Less Than 60 Seconds

Noam Chomsky

Video curtsey of Adsevr Guytre

Watch The Mothers Of Recently Slain Black Sons Passionately Explain Why Some White People Don’t Understand The Issue

Mothers of slain sons

Video by CNN

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