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Thursday, September 18th, 2014

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10 Beauty Struggles Only Black Girls Understand

beauty hair salon

When the “deep” foundation is still three shades lighter than your skin tone Facing harsh criticism from both Black men and women over your choice to rock a red lip despite your skin tone Because the shade of nude has nothing to do with your skin tone

Watch This Thought Provoking Clip About the Importance of Africa’s Diaspora to The Continent

African Diaspora

Video by Press TV.

13 Black Celebrities or Groups Affiliated with the Five-Percent Nation


Erykah Badu Jay-Z

10 Fascinating Facts About George Washington and Slavery


George Washington first came into possession of enslaved Africans at the early age of 11. Washington and his wife Martha together owned about 200 enslaved Africans at the beginning of the Revolution. Washington had no tolerance for enslaved African uprisings against slavery. In 1791 as president, he authorized emergency financial and military relief to French slave […]

Watch Bill Maher Get Schooled On How U.S. Militarization Of The World Is Just As Violent As Islamic Fundamentalist

Bill Maher

Video by Real Time With Bill Maher

8 Ways Racism Benefits All White People


Whites get to have lower incarceration rates because their neighborhoods are not targeted for over-policing. Also, laws are not unfairly written to make sure they do time and more of it.   They are much wealthier as a group than they would have been if they didn’t steal land and use the free labor of […]

Rev. Sharpton Talks a Good Game, But Does He Really Have Black People’s Best Interest at Heart?

Al SHarpton

11 Black Celebrities Who Died Way Too Young

left eye

Aaliyah Haughton Singer and actress Aaliyah died Aug. 25, 2001, in a plane crash in the Bahamas. She was only 22. Jimi Hendrix Musician Jimi Hendrix died at the age of 27. After a night of partying, he was found dead in the London apartment of his girlfriend on Sept. 18, 1970.

Black Families Rock: 15 Sets Of Celebrities That Show Life Is Better With Siblings


The Braxtons: Toni, Tamar, Traci, Towanda and Trina Through the ups and downs of life, these ladies always know they have a sister to count on. Nia Long and Sommore Most people don’t even know the two are related, but The Best Man actress and The Queens of Comedy star are half-sisters.

18 of the Most Stunningly Beautiful Black Female Celebrities of All Complexions

Yaya Alafia

Actress Kerry Washington Actress Annie Ilonzeh Model/Actress Yaya Alafia

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