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Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

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You Won’t Believe How Far This Shop Owner Has to Go to Protect His Black Employee From Police Harassment

Miami Day

A store owner installs cameras to protect Black employee from police harassment? Video by JmillerSpeaksOut.

The Great Uprising: 10 Facts on the Maji Maji Rebellion


During the “scramble for Africa” that began with the Treaty of Berlin in 1885, European powers dominated much of Africa, carving out vast territories as their own and establishing often brutal regimes to enforce their rule. The Maji Maji Rebellion in Tanganyika (modern-day Tanzania), beginning in July 1905 and ending in July 1907, was the most significant […]

7 Pairs of Black Celebrities White Folks Have Mistaken For Each Other But Who Don’t Look Alike At All

samuel and lawrence

Sheree Whitfield/Sahara Davenport In 2012, Logo network’s RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Sahara Davenport died of heart failure. When reported the news of the drag queen’s death, it posted a photo of Bravo network’s former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Sheree Whitfield. The website confused Whitfield with the male reality star. According to reports, Whitfield had to […]

Why Are Black Preschoolers Suspended More Often Than Whites?


  Video by ABC 5 News.

5 Pieces of Evidence That Show Black People Were The First in the Americas


It is often taught that Black people first arrived in the Americas during the slave trade. But that history is in the process of being rewritten as archaeologists continue to find evidence that Black people occupied the American content before the Bering Strait was crossed by Mongolian Asians. According to the BBC documentary series Ancient Voices and […]

70-Year-Old Black Bodybuilder Proves That Age is Just a Number


Video by Jon-Michael Sullivan.

John Legend Gives an Absolutely Eloquent Explanation on Why Being Colorblind Should Never Be a Goal

John Legend

Video by CNN

This Mathematician Was Awed by the Innate Genius of African People; You Will Be Too


  Video by TED Talks.

5 Recent Hate Crimes That Demonstrate the Threat of Racism


    In April 2014, a Wisconsin man, Matthew J. Cimaroli, allegedly sent hate mail to a Black family living in Stoughton. The letter included a depiction of two young Black men being lynched, and a typewritten warning, “Your Days Are Numbered.” In July 2014, Cimaroli was arrested on suspicion of felony threats to injure or […]

This is Why Hair is Such an Important and Emotional Issue For Black Women

Black womans hair

Video by MSNBC: Melissa Harris Perry.

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