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Friday, September 4th, 2015

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Is What the James Bond Writer Said About Idris Elba a Racist Code Word?


Video via Entertainment News

Wait Until You See How the New Texas Textbooks Are Distorting the History of Slavery and Jim Crow

0 copy

Video via Nexstar Broadcasting

Marc Lamont Hill Clears Up Major Confusion About Black Movements: ‘We Don’t Have to Attack One to Support the Other’

Marc Slams Woman

Video via CNN

Want to Break the Cycle of Negativity? See What This Black Woman Is Doing to Help the Poor

Cnn Hero

Video via CNN

False Apology? Is Hulk Hogan Placing Too Much Blame on Black People and His Environment for His Use of the N-Word?

Hulk Hogan

Video via ABC News

Marc Lamont Hill Puts Sheriff David Clarke in His Place After Talking Out of Line About Police Violence Against Black People

Marc Sheriff

Video via CNN

Tracie Washington Gives a Thought Provoking Reason About Why we Should Stop Calling Black People Resilient 


Video via MSNBC

Kanye West Makes a Head-Scratching Proclamation About the 2020 Presidential Election


Video via MTV

Was Comedian Rebel Wilson’s Police Brutality Skit at the VMAs Disrespectful to the #BlackLiveMatter Movement?

Police Violence ‘Mockery’ at VMAs

Video via MTV

Is It Right That the Bail for These Baltimore Protesters Is More Than the Cops That Killed Freddie Gray?

baltimore-rioter-freed-bail copy

Video via The Real News Network

The Reason This Cop Gives for Pulling This Man Over Is the Most Ludicrous Thing You’ll Hear Today

Black GUy

Video via David Pakman Show

Things Get Heated as Louisiana Residents Get into a Fiery Debate About Renaming a Street After MLK


Video via NOLA

Walter Rodney Gives One of the Best Explanations for Why Black People Should Always Recognize Their African Identity

African Identity

Video via Facebook

Shocking Flier in Detroit Area: ‘Let’s Get the Blacks Out of Southfield in November’

Black Out of Office

Video via Fox 2 Detroit

Fox News Panelist Gives an Interesting Explanation for Why the Bryce Williams Shooting Was Not a Hate Crime

Racist Fox

Video via FOX News

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