Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

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Video: NYPD Brutally Takes Down This Mother of Four Outside of Her Home, While She’s Naked

arrest copy

Video via CBS News

Father Demands Answers After He Finds His 2-Year-Old Son Completely Unsupervised on Daycare Playground


Video via Fox 5

Tensions Reach a Fever Pitch as Mississippi Protesters March to Remove Confederate Flag from State Grounds

635801864199653293-TCL-flag-rally-05 copy

Video via Fox 40 News

Fox News’ Slavery Analogy for the Media’s Critique of Ben Carson Is Outrageous


Video via Fox News

MLK’s Niece Once Again Makes Utterly Head-Scratching Comments Regarding Black People, This Time it’s About the Million Man March


Video via Fox News

Mississippi Family Searching for Answers After Jamal Mallard Dies in Police Custody

Jamal-Mallard-holding-cell copy

Video via WAPT News

Shocking New Footage Shows City Councilman Tasered by Police While on His Knees


Video via KHOU

Raven-Symoné Makes Yet Another Shockingly Ignorant Statement on ‘The View’— This Time About Black Names


Video via ABC

Minister Farrakhan Gives an Exquisite Explanation of His Call for 10,000 Fearless Men at Million Man March Anniversary


Video via C-Span

Funny but True: Larry Wilmore Has the Best Response to Rupert Murdoch’s Ignorant Statement About Obamas Race

Larry Will

Video via Comedy Central

Ta-Nehisi Coates on CNN: ‘I Don’t Know What Makes Rupert Murdoch a Judge of What Is Really Black’

Black President

Video via CNN

McGraw-Hill CEO Thinks They’ve Done Enough to Fix the Heinous Misinformation About Slavery in Their Textbooks

Mcgraw Hil

Video via HuffPost

UCLA Fraternity Faces Major Backlash for Wearing Blackface at a ‘Kanye West’ Party


Video via KTLA

California Mother Finds Horrific Image of Slavery in Her Child’s Pirate Toy Set

Racist Toy

Video via CBS

Larry Wilmore Blows the Lid Off Alabama’s New and Egregious Attempt to Stop Black Voters by Closing DMV’s

Larry Wilmore

Video via Comedy Central

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