Sunday, October 4th, 2015

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Fox News Panels Erupts When Sheriff Clarke Makes an Ignorant Statement About Black People and Plantations


Video via Fox News

This Is One of the Best Explanations for Exactly Why Colonial Powers Need to Pay Reparations


Video via The Guardian

David Banner Makes a Thought-Provoking Correlation Between the Music Business and Slavery


Video via Facebook

Donald Trump Appears to Be Very Uncomfortable During This Awkward Prayer Moment


Video via Facebook

This Quadriplegic Woman’s Recount of the Despicable Treatment She Received from Police Is Absolutely Heartbreaking 


Video via USA Today

Fox News Asks Ben Carson About Race, and He Goes Off on Another Completely Ignorant Tirade 


Video by Fox News

Larry Wilmore Completely Destroys Jeb Bush in the Most Hilarious and Factual Way

The Nightly

Video via Comedy Central

Black Indianapolis Teen Is Latest Victim to Sadly Die in Police Custody 

2CDCB42000000578-3251238-Terrell_Day_18_right_died_in_the_back_of_an_ambulance_Saturday_a-a-60_1443453437569 copy

Video via WTHR News

Baltimore Cop Reveals Shocking Information About Freddie Gray’s Plea for Medical Attention Before He Died

281310AE00000578-3063807-image-a-15_1430482004039 copy

Video via Baltimore Sun

Ex-Cop Says He and His Son Were Assaulted by Fellow Officers Due to the Color of Their Skin

Ex Cop Sues

Video via Wpri 12 News

New Discovery on Mars Tremendously Boosts Hope for Life on the Planet

11856440_856138921102751_6926388654780046010_o copy

Video via CNN

Jeb Bush Stands Firm on His Ignorant Statements About Black People and Voting

092715_jeb copy

Video via Fox News

Baltimore Pastor Faces Serious Criminal Charges for Simply Protesting Against The Police 


  Video via The Real News Network

Black Man Complies With Officer’s Command but Still Gets Shot in the Back with Taser


Video via Fox 5

These Chicago Activists Went on a Hunger Strike for the Children, and it’s Absolutely Inspiring

Ram Eman

Video via MSNBC

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