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Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

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The Way the Black Panther Party Was Able to Organize to Protect the Community Was Outstanding

Black Panther Movement

The Pep Talk From This Black Child Is Adorable and Inspiring All at the Same Time

hero speech

Via Hub Network Youtube Channel

9 Outrageous Incidents Where Police Have Unjustly Killed Mentally Unstable Black People


A 2012 study found that about half of those killed by the police each year are mentally ill. It’s an issue that is currently being considered by the U.S. Supreme Court, in a case where the court is being asked to decide whether police are obligated to take special precautions in using deadly force when they […]

Bill Cosby Answers His Hecklers And Continues To Perform His Comedy Shows

bill cosby heckled

via Reuters

This Incredible 6th Grader Has A Better Grasp Of Systematic Racism Than The Officials Running His City

Ferguson Marquis Govan

via The Chicago Defender Facebook page

6 Startling Ways Voter Disenfranchisement Against Black People From the Reconstruction Era Still Exists Today


There have been ploys to suppress the Black vote since the Reconstruction Era of 1865-1877. And even since the Voting Rights Act of 1965, many of the same tactics from the 19th century are used today to prevent or make it difficult for African-Americans to vote.   Fraud Electoral fraud by ballot box stuffing, throwing […]

In Less Than 90 Seconds This Video Flawlessly Illustrates How White Privilege Trumps Being A Racist

how to get away with racism

Source: AJ+

Did Taraji P. Henson Apologize To Glendale Police To Maintain Her Newly Acquired High Profile Celebrity Status?

taraji p henson and son

via cbslocal.com

10 Black Celebrities That Disregarded Their Race Consciousness For Fame and Fortune

Aokify America - Day 2

Kanye West The superstar rapper/producer has said a lot … too much, in fact. But when he broke out, he was a proponent of Black empowerment. Lately, Mr. Kardashian seems to have lost his way. On racism, he recently said on Clique TV: “It’s like a bouncing ball in a room with two cats, or […]

This Panelist Makes a Startling Argument That America and Other Governments Are Being Bought by Billionaires

crooked_corrupt_politician copy

Video by PBS News Hour

This Is One of the Most Comprehensive Explanations of How Reparations Were Given to African People and Then Taken Away


6 Facts (or Findings) That Rebuke the Myth That Black Women Don’t Have Body Image Issues


Strong Correlation Between Obesity and Depression in Black Women The common myth is that Black women rarely struggle with body image issues while white women are more susceptible to feeling insecure about their bodies. A 2009 study by researchers at Emory proved that Black women are just as likely, if not even more likely, to […]

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