Friday, July 1st, 2016

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KKK Leaders See Current Political Climate As Encouragement to Restore Organization to its Heyday


7 Heinous Facts About Federally Funded Sterilization Programs in Alabama that Destroyed Black Girls like Relf Sisters


The Untold Story of the Enslaved Black Man Who Taught Jack Daniel How to Make Whiskey


Trump Supporters are More Likely to Believe Blacks are ‘Unintelligent, Violent’, But This Clip of White Rage Tells a Different Story


Watch: Black Protester Gets 15 Years After Baltimore Uprising While White Rioters Walk Free

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Tomi Lahren’s Utter Cluelessness in Response to Jesse Williams’ Speech is an Astounding Reminder of White Fragility


Black Female News Reporter Shows Incredible Restraint While Being Attacked by Angry White Woman


Watch: Baltimore Activist Kwame Rose Questions Police Judgement After They Arrived at Peaceful Vigil in Riot Gear


Akon Stands By Claim That Men Are ‘Natural Breeders’ but Adds How Women Can Run the World – Is He Right?


Sunny Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg Clash Over Whether Black Women Wearing Weaves is Cultural Appropriation

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McKinney, Texas Teen at Center of Police Brutality at Pool Party Fuming After Officer Walks Free

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This Black NASA Mathematician Was the Reason Many Astronauts Came Home — Their Life Depended on Her Calculations


These Chicago-Area Black Students Received False Positives for Cocaine – What the School Did in Response is Appalling


12 Images That Show Ancient Egypt was Ruled by Black People


Surprising Study Shows Blacks Are Not as Vitamin D Deficient as Previously Thought


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