Thursday, April 28th, 2016

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Meet 8-Year-Old Activist Who Convinced President Obama to Visit Flint: ‘The Water Smells of Bleach and Old Fish’

8-year-old Flint

Charlie Wilson Takes Swipe at Prince’s Alleged Drug Use: ‘Sooner or Later The Truth Will Come Out’

Paisley Park Drugs

Trevor Noah Makes Fascinating Connection Between Ex-felon’s Voting Rights and Jay Z on ‘Lemonade’ 

Trevor Noah Voting Beyonce

Michigan Mom Livid After Wheelchair-Bound Teen Suspended for Defending Himself Against Racial Attacks from Bully


Kelly Rowland Reminds Interviewer that She is Not Beyoncé: ‘Get Back to What I’m Here to Talk About’


Whoopi Goldberg Fires Back at Trump Who Said It Would be ‘Great’ For Country if She Moved to Canada


11-Year-Old CEO of Me & The Bees Mikaila Ulmer Steals the Show at We Day 2016


Geraldo Rivera Spews Utter Nonsense in His Critique of Baltimore’s Mayoral Election Results


Min. Louis Farrakhan Issues Call to Boycott Mother’s Day: ‘Everything We Find Love for, They Capitalize Off of It’


Newly Released Audio from Prince’s Plane Reveals Singer’s Distress During Emergency Landing


Remember When Megyn Kelly Said Jesus Was White? This Poet Has the Perfect Rebuttal


Detroit Teens Make History as First Black Female Team to Win Debate Championship


Comedian Schools Racist Republicans Still Complaining About Harriet Tubman on $20 Bill


Stephen A. Smith Implies Black Coaches Get Subpar Teams in Light of Byron Scott’s Firing


Milwaukee Teacher Caught on Video Yelling and Slamming Student Has Been Fired


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