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Monday, June 29th, 2015

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Cornel West Gives a Thought-Provoking Opinion on Why Obama Maneuvers Around the Race Conversation


Video via CNN

Georgetown Law Professor Shuts Down Caller Defending the Confederate Flag: ‘I Have no Respect for Your Ancestors’

Paul Butler

Video via MSNBC      

What This New Report Reveals About US Standards on Police Use of Lethal Force Is Unsettling

lethal force by law enforcement

Video via RT News

This Black Student’s Explanation on Why He Supports the Confederate Flag Might Be the Most Ignorant Thing You See Today

Byron Thomas

Video by CNN

Fox News Panelist Completely Goes Off on Bill O’Reilly for His Cluelessness About Racism in America


Video by Fox News

This Man Shockingly Ends Up Paralyzed After Encountering the Cops on a Simple Walk Around the Neighborhood

Criminal Cop Eric Parker

Video via RJ+

This Is the Shocking Truth of How Apartheid Is Still Alive in South Africa’s School System

South Africa

Video via AJ+

Chicago Police Open Fire on Unarmed Black Teens, and the Results Are Troubling

Violent Cop

Video Via Zoomin TV      

Does the Media Glorification of Mass Murderers Lead to More Cases?

Mass Shooting

Video via BBC

Russell Simmons Has Some Strong Words for NYC Mayor Blasio


Video via Hot 97    

This Unbelievable Ignorance Being Propagated by Bill O’Reilly Is an Example of Where People Like Dylann Roof May Gain Their Ideology 


Video via Fox News

‘Meet the Press’ Makes a Gun Violence Cautionary Video, But Why Does It Only Feature Black Men?

Meet The press

Video via Meet the Press

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