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Thursday, July 30th, 2015

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These Activists Got Tired of Seeing Police Brutality on the News, So They Built This Amazing App to Do Something About It


Video via Mbye Njie

Disturbing Trend: Another Woman Is Found Dead in a New York Holding Cell

Raynetta Turner

Video via ABC 7

10 Toys and Games Enslaved Black Children Played with Growing Up

Topsy Turvy Back

Hide the Switch The rules of this game are as follows: One child takes a thin, strong branch, or “switch” and hides it. The children then begin to look for the switch. Whoever finds the switch can then chase after and whip the other children with it. An article published on fairetymetoys.com states that this […]

Cincinnati Police Preparing for Major Community Outrage Indicating That the Video of Police Shooting Sam Dubose ‘Is Not Good’


Video via WLWT 5

Fox News’ Elizabeth Hasselbeck Makes the Most Ignorant Justification for Sandra Bland’s Arrest 

Fox News

Video via Fox News

This Former NYPD Officer Explains Why in Cases Like Sandra Bland’s the Onus Is on the Cop as the Trained Professional

Honest Cop

Video via BET

A Dramatic Encounter Ensues as Cops Use Pepper Spray on #BlackLivesMatter Protesters

Bad Cop

Video via ABC

The Reason This Man’s Neighbor Is Trying to Shut Down His Barbecue Is Completely Absurd 


Video via Youtube

Dr. Ollie John Brilliantly Explains the Reason Behind Brazilians Valuing Lighter Color Skin

Dr. Johnson

Video via The Real News Network

What This Man Says About the Credibility of Independent Police Investigators Will Shock You

Cant trust

Video via FOX 32

These Philly Police Savagely Punch a Handcuffed Man in the Face, and Their Arrogance About it Is Even More Disturbing

Coward Cops

Video via Facebook

BBC Asked Kenyans What Issues They Wanted Addressed in Their Country, See What They Had to Say

Obama Visit

Video via BBC

These 6 Black Kids Were Given Illegal Dental Care and Medication and Law Enforcement Is Doing Nothing About It


Video via News 8

8 Things About The Black Liberation Flag You May Not Know

Black Liberation Flag

Its Origin and the UNIA According to the official website of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL), the flag was developed in the 1920’s by the UNIA and with the support of Marcus Garvey, as a response to a racially derogatory song. The ridiculously popular 1900 coon song “Every Race Has a Flag but the […]

This Man Had His Hands Up and Was Not Resisting, but the Cops Still Decided Brutally Beat Him


Video via Daily News

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