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Friday, September 19th, 2014

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20 of the Hottest Black Men in Hollywood

Idris Elba

Jesse Williams Lance Gross Boris Kodjoe Morris Chestnut

Watch How These Europeans Refuse To Give Up Stolen Land In South Africa

European Thieves

Video by Press TV

10 Religious Statements From Black Celebrities That Sound Surprisingly Atheist


Samuel L. Jackson When asked if he thought his talents were God-given, the actor replied: “No, because I work at it. I still learn; I read.” Chris Rock “A Black Christian is like a Black person with no memory,” the comedian said.

13 of the Most Powerful Black CEOs in America

ceo joseph

Kenneth C. Frazier, Merck & Co. The Philadelphia native became the chairman and CEO of the nation’s third-biggest drug manufacturer in 2011. In 2013, Merck grossed $44 billion in revenues. Ronald Hall Sr., Bridgewater Interiors Since its 1998 inception, Bridgewater has been one of the nation’s leading auto parts suppliers. Bridgewater enjoyed $1.6 billion in revenues in 2011.

This Video About How They Used Black Babies for Alligator Bait Is Mind-Blowing


12 Images Of Pharaohs That Prove Ancient Egyptians Were Black

Head granite statue of Khufu

Narmer (Reign: ca. 2650 B.C. – 2632 B.C.) Narmer, also known as Menes, unified Upper and Lower Egypt for the first time and, therefore, founded the first dynasty of a unified Egypt.     Khasekhemwy (Reign: 18 years, ca. 2690 B.C.) Khasekhemwy ended the infighting of the second dynasty and reunited Upper and Lower Egypt after […]

12 Black Celebrities You May Not Have Known Were of Nigerian Descent

list sade

Hunger Games actor Dayo Okeniyi was born to Nigerian parents. The father of controversial rapper Tyler, the Creator, (whose real name is Tyler Okonma) is Nigerian.

You Will Not Believe How These Young Black Men Were Forced to Defend Themselves Against Renegade Officers

Police brutality

Video by Fox2.

10 Beauty Struggles Only Black Girls Understand

beauty hair salon

When the “deep” foundation is still three shades lighter than your skin tone Facing harsh criticism from both Black men and women over your choice to rock a red lip despite your skin tone Because the shade of nude has nothing to do with your skin tone

Watch This Thought Provoking Clip About the Importance of Africa’s Diaspora to The Continent

African Diaspora

Video by Press TV.

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