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Monday, January 26th, 2015

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10 Pieces of Evidence That Prove Black People Sailed to the Americas Long Before Columbus

Egyptian Ships

Columbus Himself According to renowned American historian and linguist Leo Weiner of Harvard University, one of the strongest pieces of evidence to support the fact that Black people sailed to America before Christopher Columbus was a journal entry from Columbus himself. In Weiner’s book, “Africa and the Discovery of America,” he explains that Columbus noted […]

This Police Dashcam Captures a Routine Stop for a Minor Violation, But Things Turn Deadly for a Black Passenger; Did the Officers Overreact?

Police Brutality

Video of BRIDGETON, N.J. Police Dashcam

This Horrifying Footage Shows Black People Are Enduring Jim Crow-Like Racism In Athens and Other Parts Of Europe

African Migrants

Video by Ross Domoney

Author Dinesh D’Souza Views on Colorblindness and the Importance of Discussing Race Are So Ridiculous Even Fox Host Megyn Kelly Isn’t Buying It

Dinesh D'Souza

Video by Fox News

This Police Force Has Created The Perfect Propaganda to Convince The Public That Excessive Force Against Unarmed Men is Warranted – And It’s Unbelievable

Police Use of Force

Video on Fox 10 News

10 Rising Voices Who Should Snatch the Torch From Our Current Black Leadership


African-Americans continue to find themselves at the bottom of most every measure tracking a community’s well-being in the U.S. Though most of the current crop of political and community leaders are certainly well-meaning, there’s a need for new, young voices to emerge and take the mantle of leadership. The current protest movement has been an […]

10 Wonderful Black Films That Were Snubbed by the Oscars


Do the Right Thing (1989) Director Spike Lee’s film was groundbreaking, funny and considered by many to be his best work. Its statement on race relations rings true today, 25 ½ years later. The scene where Radio Raheem was killed in a chokehold by police was eerily similar to Eric Garner’s death in Staten Island […]

What This Video Is Claiming About Race Being a Social Construct Is Interesting, But Is It True?

Race isn't Real

Video by Vox

It’s Shocking to See the Type of Medical Experiments These White People Did on Black Women for the Advancement of Medical Science

Medical Experiment On Black Women

Video by Democracy Now

In Under 75 Seconds This Video Shows Just How Badly The West’s Neocolonialist Incursions Have Ravaged Africa’s Resources

African Resources

Video by Press TV

This Fun Video on How Black Women’s Hair Has Evolved Over Time Will Deepen Your Appreciation for the Beauty of Black Women

History Of Black Women's Hair

Video by

The School To Prison Pipeline Is Very Real For Young Black Kids, So Here’s An Articulate Answer On What To Do About It

Arne Duncan

Video by CNN

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