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Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

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These Kids Share Their Experience of Being Black Students, and It’s Absolutely Heartbreaking

Black Students

Video via Makdez Hailu

Author Tim Parrish Describes How He Escaped Being Like Dylann Roof Growing Up in the Racist South 

Be Like Dylnn

Video via CNN

Fox News Panelists Attack Kendrick Lamar In A Spectacularly Ignorant Way Only They Can Achieve


Video via Fox News

This May Be One of the Best Answers to Why Haiti Is In Its Current Condition 


Video via Nancy Treviño

Angela Davis Brilliantly Explains Why Civil Rights Aren’t the End All Be All In Under 30 Seconds 

Angela Davis

Video via Sheneque Proctor

Bree Newsome’s Lawyer Gives the Gripping Details on Why It Was Important to Take Down the Confederate Flag

Bree Newsone

Video via MSNBC

Dr. Randy Short Gives Provocative Opinion on Why the NRA Is an Extension of the KKK

Dr. Randy Short

Video by pressTV

Philadelphia Transit Cam Catches Cop Violently Pushing This Man While He Holds a Small Child


Video via Youtube

Cornel West Gives a Thought-Provoking Opinion on Why Obama Maneuvers Around the Race Conversation


Video via CNN

Georgetown Law Professor Shuts Down Caller Defending the Confederate Flag: ‘I Have no Respect for Your Ancestors’

Paul Butler

Video via MSNBC      

What This New Report Reveals About US Standards on Police Use of Lethal Force Is Unsettling

lethal force by law enforcement

Video via RT News

This Black Student’s Explanation on Why He Supports the Confederate Flag Might Be the Most Ignorant Thing You See Today

Byron Thomas

Video by CNN

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