‘Stella Getting Her Groove Back’: Fans Say Tia Mowry’s New Cheeky Beach Photos Prove She Knows How to Have Fun on Vacation

Tia Mowry left fans speechless after showing off her plump bottom in a new series of photos from the actress’s “transformative” European vacation.

The “Family Reunion” star appeared to have enjoyed her luxury getaway and decided to share the peaceful experience with her 12.3 million Instagram followers. 

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On Saturday, Oct. 21, Mowry uploaded a series of images and one video onto her page in a carousel-like arrangement. The flicks featured the mother of two relaxing on a yacht as her backside received full access to the sun. 

Tia Mowry puts her natural cheeks on full display in vacation photos.
Tia Mowry puts her natural cheeks on full display in vacation photos. (Photos: @tiamowry/Instagram)

The other images showed the 45-year-old relaxing on a bed, posing with bubbling champagne, a few full-body shots, one selfie, and a video of her seemingly entering an elevator. 

“As you may have known, I took a trip to Spain and London,” her caption read. “And during a significant portion of my trip, I found myself alone.”

She continued, “In the solitude I encountered, I learned to embrace stillness and welcome the quiet. This newfound peace provided me with the space to listen to my thoughts and, more importantly, afforded me the opportunity to actually process them.” 

Her reflective message closed, “I’m looking forward to sharing more of these moments with all of you.” 

As of this writing, Mowry’s post has received over 280,000 likes, with more than 4,000 comments from IG users who applauded “The Game” actress for sharing such a vulnerable moment. However, there were a few accounts that seemed too distracted by Mowry’s round bum to pay attention to her lengthy message.

One fan wrote, “Tia got all her wagon out,” while another person penned, “See you Sis got them cheeks out.” Another account compared Mowry to Angela Bassett’s character in the 1998 film “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” by writing, “Stella getting her groove back.” 

There was also a comment that suggested that Mowry’s recent clapbacks at trolls were during her luxurious vacation. “Tia was on a boat with her cheeks out cussing y’all out on Twitter. PERIOD.” 

A few weeks ago, the 4U by Tia hair care founder didn’t hold anything back after checking an internet troll for suggesting what she should and shouldn’t post about. After Mowry tweeted about how “complicated” dating life was following her split from Cory Hardrict, a user accused “The Game” actress of being irrational. 

This caused Mowry to urge everyone to stop speaking about what she chooses to share online because it is ultimately her choice. “You are NOT me.  So just stop please,” part of her clapback read.

While those tweets don’t prove Mowry was on vacation while addressing critics, she did state her location in another set of tweets. 

Although the original post is now deleted, Mowry can be seen responding to an X user who proposed the mother of two focus on her own life rather than seemingly making comments about Hardrict early in the morning. 

“Boo boo I’m in Europe traveling the world. So it ain’t 6am. Also, you ain’t me either so I think it’s best to stop projecting your life onto mine,” Mowry wrote. She added, “Focus on YOU not me. Next.” 

Mowry and Hardrict’s divorce was finalized in April, just six months after she announced that they were separating. The exes were married for 14 years and share two children together; a 12-year-old son Cree Hardrict and a 5-year-old daughter Cairo Hardrict. 

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Since their split, Mowry has taken fans along on her new dating life journey as a single mom who’s in her 40s and has a busy work life. At first, Mowry expressed being nervous but ready to step back into the dating scene. 

However, her public displeasure with dating prompted several individuals to suggest she give her marriage to the “All American: Homecoming” actor another try. It can be inferred that no matter how difficult dating might be, Mowry has no plans to romantically reunite with her ex-husband anytime soon. 

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