‘The Devil Is a Liar’: Cory Hardrict Hits Back at ‘Fake Narratives’ About Him Dating a ‘Young, Blonde, White Woman’ Following Divorce from Tia Mowry

Cory Hardrict seemingly has kept quiet about life after divorce from Tia Mowry, but that doesn’t mean he’s not finding his name in headlines. This time, from his perspective, it’s a case of being caught up in rumors.

His ex-wife was recently in the news after sharing details of what her dating life has been like since the divorce was finalized in April. In an interview with Chris “GQ” Perry, Mowry said it’s been “very tough” and “exhausting” because the men don’t treat her like Hardrict did.

She said dating Hardrict “was beautiful. It was amazing. It was wonderful. There was courting that was involved.” Fans told the “Sister, Sister” actress to “spin the block” and rekindle her romance with the father of her two children, but these new rumors about Hardrict suggest she may be too late.

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Cory Hardrict debunks rumors that he is dating a "young, blonde" woman.
Cory Hardrict debunks rumors that he is dating a “young, blonde” woman. (Photo: @coryhardrict/Instagram)

According to media company Media Take Out, Hardrict is now talking to a “young, blonde fitness model.” The media company said it learned of the news from “a person close to Cory,” who was never named.

The alleged friend said that the divorce hit Hardrict hard. “Cory was really devastated about losing Tia,” the purported source said. “So he’s been working on personal improvement. He’s taking more acting classes, and getting into fitness.” This is reportedly how he met the woman.

Another outlet Onsite picked up the same story and shared it on its Instagram page, where the post got over 1,500 comments. A lot of commenters seemed to believe the story, with some calling out Hardrict’s choice in women.

One fan said, “Are we surprised? Tia was only half…. he wanted the whole,” while another said, “He good as gone he done got him a Becky wit the necky.” While other fans said that it doesn’t matter what race Hardrict’s new girl is, the man himself made a comment on the post, saying that there is no new woman in his life.

“The Devil is a liar, please y’all leave me alone respectfully!! God bless you,” the “All American: Homecoming” star commented.

Fans responded to Hardrict’s clapback and showed sympathy for the actor as he maneuvers around the relationship gossip.

“Not that i gaf, but this is how u shut shyt down expeditiously.”

“That man wants to heal in peace and folks making up fake narratives.”

“Seems the internet is harassing both of them. It must be so annoying.”

Hardrict wasn’t the only one who called the story into question. A woman claiming to be someone who works out with the actor also said that the rumors aren’t true. The woman named Alexis Lawson said, “I actually train Cory. We don’t even have any blonde ‘fitness influencers’ at our gym.”

Lawson, who says she is a director of Performance & Athlete Development, then added, “This is a flat out lie. This man is focused on himself, his kids, and his career. Stop creating false narratives about someone’s life just so you can get views and likes!”

Neither Media Take Out nor Onsite have taken down their posts after Hardrict’s comment. In addition, neither outlet has updated their stories with an amendment.

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