‘We Get It, You Left Your Man and Now You Are Happy’: Tia Mowry Advice to Women Trying to Leave Toxic Relationships Goes Left After Fans Bring Up Divorce

Tia Mowry sat down for an interview recently with YouTube star Chris GQ Perry, and the actress shared her advice for women trying to leave toxic relationships. The candid interview premiered on YouTube’s “Chris GQ Perry TV” on Sept. 15.

Mowry was introduced as an actress as well as an advocate of self-love and personal growth, and she credited her parents for molding her into the person she is today. After Perry asked her what advice she would give to a woman struggling to leave a toxic relationship, she responded that oftentimes a woman might not have the courage to leave a toxic relationship because they don’t love themselves.

Fans bring up Tia Mowry's ex-husband Cory Hardrict after she shares post about dating.
Tia Mowry. (Photo: @tiamowry/Instagram)

“What I would say to her is, No. 1, um, focus on self-love. Meaning really look deep into yourself and really get to know yourself, understand yourself,” she said. “A lot of that happens in some sort of isolation. Whether that is the meditation, the journaling. Um, and just spending time with yourself.”

Mowry went on to say that women often do not have the courage to leave a toxic relationship because they love the person they are in a relationship with more than they love themselves.

“Many of times, I feel like the reason a lot of women don’t have the courage to get out of a toxic relationship is because they don’t love themselves,” she continued. “They love that person more than they love themselves.”

“When you love, truly truly love yourself, you start to understand self-worth, self-value and what it is that you deserve.”

Mowry went on to say that when a person doesn’t love themselves, they are disconnected from themselves and don’t recognize what they are deserving of.

“And when you are so disconnected from yourself, it is very hard for you to look at yourself as if you’re deserving of something better. But when you, um, really go on this journey of true self-love and tapping into you, and only you, you’ll start to get the courage and the strength to do what it is that you need to do.”

“Powerful,” Perry replied.

Fans also thought what Mowry had to say was empowering after The Shade Room shared a clip of the interview on Instagram.

“I know a few Women & Men that need to take this advice,” noted one fan.

“I heard you sis, loud and clear!”

“Powerful message well said,” echoed another.

“She hit it spot on.”

Other people felt like she was talking about her past relationship with her ex husband.

“Damn girl, we get it, you left your man and now you are “happy,” said one fan.

“She want her husband back.”

“She sound selfish. Maybe marriage wasn’t for her to begin with.”

Mowry also spoke about her upbringing as a military brat and said her father was a first sergeant in the Army, and her mother was a drill sergeant. The “Sister, Sister” actress credited her parents for her good sense and upbringing.

I really owe it to my parents, um, for shaping and just making me, building me into the person that I am today. Because it’s — they’ve always taught me that it’s all about integrity, and it’s all about character and who you are as a person and how you treat other people.”

Mowry is recently divorced from actor Cory Hardrict, and the couple share two children; 12-year-old Cree Hardrict and 5-year-old Cairo Hardrict. The former couple seems to have a great co-parenting relationship following their divorce last year and even spent the holidays together.

Some fans thought Mowry was shading Hardrict last month when she shared a video on Instagram about power. The video was set to “Power (Remember Who You Are)” by SPINALL, Summer Walker, DJ Snake, and Äyanna and featured the 45-year-old actress rocking a black satin shorts suit with matching high heels. The video was captioned, “pov: you finally stepped into your power and stopped settling for less than you deserve,” but the post has since been deleted.

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