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‘He Just Never Came Back to the House’: Falynn Pina Says Ex Simon Guobadia and Porsha Williams Were ‘Together for a Year’ While She was Still ‘Happily Married’ to Him

Falynn Pina, reality star and former wife of Simon Guobadia, says she always believed her ex-husband’s marriage to her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast mate Porsha Williams was not real.

However, the disrespect she says she felt from both parties was very real due to the timeline of when she and Guobadia separated and when he and Williams began dating.

Four months after filing for divorce from his then-wife in January 2021, Simon was engaged to Porsha and they officially tied the knot in November 2022.

During an interview with “The Baller Alert Show,” Falynn said she felt “vindicated” by the dissolution of Porsha and Simon’s marriage— adding that she never thought that the two were ever truly in love.

Falynn Pina (L), Simon Guobadia's ex-wife, accuses his current wife Porsha Williams (R) of dating her ex while they were still married.
Falynn Pina (L), Simon Guobadia’s ex-wife, accuses his current wife Porsha Williams (R) of dating her ex while they were still married. (Photos by @falynnn/Instagram; Prince Williams/WireImage)

The 34-year-old now mom of four said she thought that their relationship “was just a ploy” to get back at her.

“I’m not gonna say like there wasn’t any parts, you know, that he might have thought could have been authentic or something could have grown,” Falynn did admit, adding, “I don’t know their business.”

She believes their “initial … becoming public and doing everything the way that they went about everything … was definitely a ploy.”

“They were already together for a year probably, while I was happily married [to Simon],” she said, adding that Porsha’s child’s father Dennis actually told her.

Like many in the public, Falynn expressed that she’s observing from the sidelines as Simon and Porsha battle it out on social media with cryptic posts and captions. Watching this unfold has solidified her resolve never to reconcile with him.

Falynn joined the Bravo series for season 13, where she met Porsha and invited her and a few other ladies from the cast to the home she shared with Simon at the time. She said she married Simon when she was 26 and he was in his 50s, noting that all his current behavior is actually reminiscent of his past playboy ways that he had during their two-year marriage.

“It’s retraumatizing for me, cause I am the one who went through it first,” she said.

Falynn, who is currently working on a dating reality show, says she often sees Simon out and about but they never speak. She did admit that she had “reached out” to him via email before his divorce from Porsha was made public, but in vain.

“You have to understand, Simon and I were actually married. It was real,” she said. “Our marriage was very real.”

But according to her, they “never had an ending discussion” to put any punctuation signifying the end of their relationship.

“We never said goodbye. We never said I wish you well,” she said, adding there was not real closure. “It just went away. One day I was happy and the next day he was gone,” she further explained, “He just never came back to the house.”

Falynn said that when he came back to the house months later, she told him that she had to leave their marital home and that she only had three weeks.

“He sent me a text,” she said about the separation. Brokenhearted and abandoned, she said that her ex eventually offered her more time to stay in home, but she had to leave because her joy was gone.

This is the same home Porsha moved into with her daughter, Pilar, and Simon’s children. Many fans in the comment were not falling for what they thought was a sob story, bringing up Falynn’s ex-fiancé and the father of her youngest child, Jaylan Banks.

“She’s leaving out the part where she had a baby by the same man Simon accused her of cheating with like girl,” a comment read, while another said, “Not her trying to act like hers was more real yet got pregnant by the side dude. Women breaking down women will never be okay with me. Hunnie you did some sh-t, he did some sh-t move one tf.”

Did Falynn Cheat?

Falynn and Banks share one child, whom Guobadia alleges was conceived during their marriage. But one commentator thought that there was something beyond her tough talk.

“She’s missing him,” the person said. “And realizing the grass wasn’t greener over there.”

Falynn and Jaylan dated after her ex-husband broke it off with her. Simon believes that the two were dating while they were married, and once referred to her as his “cheating wife.”

Falynn and Jaylan broke off their engagement in February 2023. The mom of four also discussed how, despite being friends with Porsha during their time filming, if she were to encounter her in person today, after the significant betrayal, it would not end well.

“That wouldn’t be a safe scenario,” the former “RHOA” star said. “I know what she did. Simon knows what she did. Porsha knows what she did. … I wouldn’t even put myself in a predicament.” On what they would discuss, she exclaimed, “Ain’t gon’ be no talking.”

Fans heard this statement and responded, “Crazy thing is u want to fight porsha but not Simon is crazy! Everyone knows when u cheat u supposed to upgrade not mess with the person y’all taking care of! Smh.”

So What Exactly Did Porsha Do?

Falynn has recently been spotted with Porsha’s ex-fiance and father of her child, Dennis McKinley, and she also promotes his liquor brand. However, she assured that they are only friends. She claims that Dennis told her that his daughter’s mother told him that Falynn knew about her dating Simon.

Falynn says that was not the case.

Interestingly enough, she says that Simon and Porsha were sneaking around even when she was introduced on the cast alongside the veteran Bravolebrity.

“I was approached by ‘Housewives’ a few times. By the time I said yes, they asked me who do you want to be introduced to the show with and I said Porsha,” she recalled, sharing that the first time they filmed together was a pool scene where she told her that she and Simon are about to do a “ring upgrade,” and Porsha made a face as to say, “Oh, really.”

Others in the Bravo world thought Porsha was foul for seeming to be Falynn’s friend and then creeping away with her husband.

Even “Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard Bassett, 36, actually confronted Porsha during season 3 of “The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Thailand.”

Candiace snapped, “Y’all became friends and two minutes later you and her husband was dating. You stole somebody’s man.”

Now, Porsha seems to have lost Simon the same way she got him. In February 2024, the Dish Nation host filed for divorce after 15 months.

In her divorce filing, Porsha detailed instances of deception, his alleged illegal citizenship status, and discrepancies in Simon’s claimed financial status. Subsequently, he was photographed while on vacation, apparently with another woman.

These developments were new to Porsha, but Falynn claims to have known this all along. Essentially, based on her testimony, the two switched roles.

What might be the saving grace in all this drama is that Porsha might have an exciting storyline for season 16 of “RHOA” returning soon, and Falynn (though she did not confirm) could possibly show up and blow the whole show up. Either way, the drama makes for good TV.

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