‘Porsha, What Did You Do to That Man’: Porsha Williams’ Estranged Husband Simon Guobadia Accuses Her of Cheating with Five People, Including Rapper Future and Rick Ross’ Ex

Nigerian entrepreneur Simon Guobadia has intensified his allegations against his estranged wife, reality star Porsha Williams, making their already contentious divorce even uglier.

Court documents obtained by Radar Online reveal his explosive claims, alleging that “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star engaged in multiple extramarital affairs during their marriage.

Simon has formally requested that Porsha, 43, admit or deny a series of allegations, including accusations that she married him “for his money” and cheated with several individuals. These claims add a new layer of drama to their split, formalizing accusations that have been circulating since Porsha filed for divorce in February 2024.

Porsha Williams’ estranged husband Simon Guobadia accuses her of cheating with Future and Rick Ross’ ex.
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Among those named in Simon’s court documents are: Ghanaian sports journalist Kelvin Owusu Ansah, Porsha’s ex-fiancé and father of her daughter Dennis McKinney, and Atlanta socialite Jonathan Dupiton, who has a history of committing fraud with food stamps.

Two other shocking names on the list are Atlanta artist Future and Ming Lee, an ex-girlfriend of rapper Rick Ross. Simon’s legal team has demanded that Porsha sit under oath to answer these questions and clarify the nature of these relationships.

One of Simon’s demands specifically asks Porsha to “Explain the nature of your relationship with Nayvadius DeMun Cash (professionally known as ‘Future’).” While Guobadia’s team submitted the “Dirty Sprite” rapper’s name as a possible Porsha hookup, sources close to her scoff at the notion, telling In Touch Weekly, “Porsha does not know Future.”

Simon also wants the courts to hear about Porsha’s relationship with Ming Lee, the only woman listed among the suspected affairs.

Lee, the owner of Snob Life hair, has been linked to Rick Ross and recently gained attention for her rumored involvement with Ty Young, a reality star from “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.”

Porsha and Lee have been friends for years, often seen together in Atlanta. Lee’s recent birthday message to Porsha on Instagram was affectionate, further complicating Simon’s allegations. In June, she wrote, “Happy birthday, @porsha4real. Thank you for being you. You’re a bomb mom, a bomb friend & one of my favorite people to have random nights of music, dancing, and food (New Orleans).”

Porsha responded warmly, “You know I love me some King Ming. thank you!!!!”

Following news about Porsha’s return to “RHOA” after a years-long hiatus, it was also speculated that Lee would be invited to hold a peach in the upcoming season.

The filing, according to Radar Online, also asked her, “Admit that you never loved your Husband,” and a question about money she received, “What was your understanding of the reasons why your Husband paid you a five-figure monthly allowance during the marriage?”

The Neighborhood Talk posted news about Simon’s latest filing and fans were quick to chime in.

“Porsha, what did you do to that man?” one person asked. “That [sex] must have been [fire] [cause] he has lost his mind. Imagine if she had kids with him?”

Another stated, “He’s been a nightmare since she got with him. Everything that glitters ain’t gold! Should’ve left him with that lady.”

Some gave Porsha suggestions on how to handle his list of 26 questions (41 allegations) that she has to respond to in 30 days.

“Me under oath: ‘WHO SAID DATTT?’” one person joked, as another advised, “Girl just say ion know what you talking about and drink yo wine.”

Simon’s demands in court extend beyond personal relationships. The husband has asked Porsha to address the nature of their prenuptial agreement, suggesting it was “unfair” and that she “fraudulently induced” him into signing it. This is key, as part of the agreement surrounds him living in their marital home. Over the last months, the two have been in a very public dispute about who gets to stay in the Georgia estate, with Simon even locking her out.

Porsha insists that the prenuptial agreement they signed be upheld and requested that Simon vacate their $7 million mansion, citing the terms of their prenup. The judge has temporarily granted her exclusive use of the home, but Simon contests the validity of the prenuptial agreement, claiming it is unenforceable due to changed circumstances and lack of mutual understanding at the time of signing.

“The November 17, 2022, Prenuptial Agreement is not enforceable for several reasons including there was no meeting of the minds, the terms are unconscionable, and because the facts and circumstances have changed since the Prenuptial Agreement was executed, making the agreement unfair and unreasonable,” Simon’s lawyer stated.

He also claims she filed for divorce without his knowledge. Further complicating matters, Simon has also requested detailed financial records from Porsha, dating back to January 2022, along with any relevant documents pertaining to her employment and evidence from their marital home.

In March, Simon’s lawyers instructed Porsha not to delete any evidence, including text messages exchanged with Owusu Ansah.

Recently, he filed a motion accusing her of contempt of court for failing to provide the requested documents. “To date, the Wife has willfully and intentionally violated this Court’s February 22, 2024 Standing Order by refusing to turn over her mandatory discovery pursuant to the Fulton County Rules,” Simon’s motion read. His lawyers argues that Porsha has intentionally withheld information crucial to the case.

A judge has yet to rule on Simon’s requests for sanctions, and Porsha has yet to respond to these latest allegations in court.

Thought she hasn’t responded, the “Pursuit of Porsha” author has continued to film for the upcoming “RHOA” season, where her divorce is sure to be at the center of her storyline.

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