‘We Don’t Travel In the Same Circles’: Shannon Sharpe Says ‘I’m Good’ When Asked If He Would Consider Dating Kim Kardashian

Shannon Sharpe claims he’s too busy to date women like Kim Kardashian but fans aren’t buying his reasoning.

The question about the Hall of Famer dating the 43-year-old billionaire and model stems from an Oct. 20 episode of Sharpe’s hit podcast with his friend Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, “Nightcap with Unc and Ocho.”

Johnson is constantly trying to find a love interest for his single friend, so he floated the idea of him dating Kardashian since she stated she was looking for an “older man” after her short-lived relationship with “Saturday Night Live” star and comedian Pete Davidson, 29, and her divorce from Kanye West, 46.

“Knowing Kris Jenner, and what she could do, with y’all coming [together], y’all could be like Power Rangers,” said Johnson to 55-year-old Sharpe. “A power couple, whatever they call it.”

Shannon Sharpe said he wouldn't date Kim Kardashian even if she wanted to because he is too private, and they are both too busy.
Shannon Sharpe said he wouldn’t date Kim Kardashian even if she wanted to because he is too private, and they are both too busy. (Photo: @shannonsharpe84 @kimkardashian/Instagram)

The former Cincinnati Bengals player asked Sharpe what he thought about their potential union, and he joked, “Kanye ain’t gone write no diss track about me.” Johnson then made the comparison that Sharpe could be like Travis Kelce, with how his star has risen since he started dating Taylor Swift.

Sharpe explained that he is “too private” of a person to be seen out with Kardashian. But he did say that if were to date Kardashian, their show podcast might have 5 million subscribers the next day. He said that he couldn’t go through with it, but he did praise her and her mother for how they have achieved their success.

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On Nov. 12, Sharpe was caught outside of the airport by TMZ Sports, where he was asked about a hypothetical relationship between him and the SKIMS founder. He again praised the Kardashian-Jenner family’s success, but was adamant he still couldn’t do it.

When the interviewer asked what he would do if she texted him asking to go out, the “Club Shay Shay” host joked that he would be confused about how she got his number. Sharpe said, “We don’t travel in the same circles but I think she’s amazing in what she’s been able to do. I’m happy for her, but I’m good.” He added, “At this time, I’m unavailable.”

Fans joked about Sharpe’s answer to the hypothetical date with the socialite-turned-businesswoman. One fan said, “And I’m too busy to date Ice Spice,” while another person joked, “Me too man. That’s the only reason I’m not with her rn.”

Since bringing up Kardashian back in October, Johnson has continuously noted more potential suitors for the former Super Bowl Champion. On a Nov. 6 episode of their podcast, Johnson suggested that Sharpe should seek out “Insecure” actress Yvonne Orji after a clip resurfaced of her saying she was still a virgin at age 39.

Johnson made the case that she was a “God-fearing” woman and that she would be good for his friend. But Sharpe said he wanted a “sinner” and he said that he would much rather go with adult film star Miss B. Nasty instead.

The adult actress responded to the video, with a stitched video showing her surprised reaction to hearing what Sharpe had said. Earlier this month she also invited Sharpe to appear in one of her videos.

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