New Allegations Reveal Keke Palmer’s Mom Accused Darius Jackson of Choking His Sister, Threatened to ‘Put Bullet In’ Jackson’s Head

The father of Keke Palmer’s infant child reportedly has violated a restraining order the actress filed against him, as she publicly accuses him of domestic violence. 

On Sunday, Nov. 12, an X account holder shared a message accusing Darius Jackson of breaking a Los Angeles judge’s order to remain at least 100 years away from both Palmer and their 8-month-old son, Leodis “Leo” Jackson. This order also included any childcare or schooling establishment for the newborn. 

The father of Keke Palmer's child accused of violating his restraining order.
The father of Keke Palmer’s child was accused of violating his restraining order. (L) Keke Palmer (Pictured: @keke/Instagram) (R) Darius Jackson (Pictured: @dvulton/Instagram)

“@BLACKTATTEDNERD Keke Palmer BD Darius just violated his Restraining order today that @KekePalmer put out on him !!!!”

The accusation was met with skepticism from another account who asked, “You work for TMZ?”

It is unclear when and where Jackson broke the order, however, Palmer reportedly received a bouquet of flowers days after her request for the restraining order was granted. 

Over the weekend, TMZ captured photos of the “Joyful Noise” actress on a West Hollywood set with her son in her arms. One of the paparazzi-taken images featured a man who was carrying a large arrangement of flowers from a local business, La Fleur Eclose. The arrangement titled, “My Queen,” contained 50 to 100 roses along with a crown resting on top. 

There has been no word on who sent the gift. 

Photos of Palmer retrieving the flowers were her first public spotting since she dropped the gut-wrenching claims that Jackson had been abusing her throughout their two-year relationship. 

According to court documents filed on Thursday, Nov. 9, Palmer had security footage that showed Jackson trespassing “into my home without my knowledge or consent.” 

There were also still images from Palmer’s in-home security footage, which reportedly proved that the 30-year-old fitness instructor had put his hands on the child star in an aggressive manner. 

Despite the reported evidence, Jackson has maintained his innocence, denying ever abusing Palmer. He’s even gone to lengths of accusing Palmer’s mother, Sharon Palmer, of threatening to put a bullet in his head. 

“And you better watch out before I put a bullet in your mother——g head,” as heard in an audio clip from TMZ.

Watch the Full Video Here.

Sources close to both parties informed TMZ that Sharon indeed made the threat after fearing for her daughter’s safety. Text messages between Sharon and Jackson’s mother, Yhinyer, were obtained by the outlet. 

The reported messages showed Yhinyer informing Sharon that she planned to alert authorities about the threat. “Because you don’t respect or value yourself, and I can see no my son’s life … You might have to kill all of us … I will file a police report on you now,” the text read. 

In response, Sharon asked Yhinyer to refrain from contacting her over Jackson’s “childish behavior” and even suggested that he “choked his own sister.” She also stated that Yhinyer “should be very ashamed to have raised a man who fights women.” 

Sharon has also called out Jackson’s brother and “Insecure” actor Sarunas J. Jackson for reportedly teaching his younger brother “how to be abusive.” During her extensive rant, Sharon claimed, “I went to Sarunas over a year ago and told him that his brother was abusive to my daughter. And he said, ‘Uh, well, I used to be like that too.’ What!”

Sarunas has denied Sharon’s accusations, stating that he’s never abused “any of the women I’ve ever been involved with.” 

Despite his response, Sarunas’ ex-girlfriend and “Insecure” co-star Dominique Perry has voiced standing in solidarity with Palmer and with anyone who is a victim of domestic abuse.

Palmer remains quiet as her recent allegations continue to pour into the limelight.

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