‘You Do Not Come to My Show and Assault People’: Chrisean Rock Says She ‘Had Fun’ Following Claims She Assaulted Tamar Braxton’s Backup Singer at Braxton’s Concert

The mother of Blueface’s youngest son, Chrisean Rock, is back in the headlines again but not for their toxic on-again, off-again relationship.

Rock uses her social media platforms to make money and boast about her career, her music, and brand deals. But according to a post from music executive LeTory Davis’ Instagram, the new mom punched singer and TV personality James Wright Chanel so hard in the face that he had to be hospitalized at Tamar Braxton’s concert.

Rapper Chrisean Rock allegedly assaulted Tamar Braxton's longtime backup singer at Braxton's concert.
Rapper Chrisean Rock allegedly assaulted Tamar Braxton’s longtime backup singer at Braxton’s concert. (Photos: @chriseanchriseanchrisean/Instagram, @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

Davis, who planned the concert, took to social media to put the reality star on blast, vowing to make sure she is sued for “every coin she has.”

During a recent stop on her 10 Year Anniversary “Love and War” tour, Braxton brought out her big sister, Toni Braxton, on stage and then later extended time and space to the “Vibes” artist because they are both from Baltimore.

Video footage shows Braxton next to Chrisean Rock, whom she called her “baby baby baby sister.” She graciously invited the “Baddies” reality star on the stage to be seen by the audience, but a seemingly drunk Chrisean Rock wanted to do more than just look pretty and wave at the crowd. She wanted to perform next to the Grammy-nominated chart-topper.

Watch the Full Video Here.

“Baltimore can we light this b—h  up?” said Chrisean Rock, who also made weird noises on stage such as “bop bop bop” in the video.

At one point, as the 23-year-old asked for the lights to come up and attempted to relish in her moment on stage a little longer than planned, Braxton’s background singers started to look around confused. One of those singers was Chanel, a vocalist and YouTube influencer who became famous after reviewing Patti Labelle’s pies online.

When everyone stepped off stage, Davis claims Chrisean Rock barged into Tamar’s dressing room with “a thousand people,” drunk and smelling like weed. She was raging because she did not perform one of her songs, even though he claimed no one told her she was performing.

“James is like, ‘Oh, it wasn’t on like nobody tried to like shade you. We didn’t know that you were supposed to sing.’ She like, ‘Lie again. Lie again,’” Davis explained on his Instagram story.

He continued, adding, “James was like, ‘No nobody knew,’ and she hit James right in his face. … Chip James’ tooth.  James’ face is bloody. … James is at the hospital right now because his nose will not stop bleeding.”

Davis declared, “She is going to prison and I promise you.”

The show producer put out a warning, telling all that know the “Baby Father Drama” recording artist that he was “coming for every coin she has.” He added, “And y’all know me. I’m not going to stop. I can’t stop, won’t stop Roc-a-fella records. You do not come to my show and assault people that are working on my show.”

After Davis made the posts, fans had mixed opinions on the incident and his vow to see her held accountable for her alleged actions.

“The fact that he keep saying ‘his show’ says it all! Tamar asked her to be there and this was confirmed when she popped up on Chrisean talking about it,” one person wrote on the X platform. “So how did these guys not know. It’s giving they didnt agree with the decision Tamar made and tried to play in Rock’s face.”

“Hold her accountable for her actions cause that’s just ridiculous!!” another comment read.

“Y’all saying lock her up but this story seems off.. Like it’s s–t missing cause Tamar didn’t look upset or like it was to Ghetto on tht live last night and in tht video so,” a third person wrote.

“First of all WHY she had no business at a Tamar show that’s a whole different vibe crowd, that age group not listening to her mess,” one more comment read.

In light of the backlash, Chrisean Rock insists in a separate video taken from her Instagram Live that she was invited to perform the night of the show.

“It had nothing to do with Tamar,” she explained on Sat, Nov. 11. “I had fun.”

The following day, she pledged to deactivate her social media accounts and change her number and address. As of Nov. 13, Rock’s pages have all been removed on Twitter and Instagram.

Chanel said he did nothing but go to work and seemingly confirmed the assault took place while chatting on Instagram Live.

“Chile, I was an innocent bystander, he stated. “I don’t know what be wrong with people, I really don’t.” However, he does not name the person who assaulted him.

Braxton has not yet responded to allegations about Chrisean Rock. Thankfully, the altercation did not stop Tamar’s show or fans in the audience who were just having fun. She has six more dates added to her tour. It resumes on Dec. 8 in Orlando and ends on Jan. 20 in Detroit.

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