‘Let Me Live Like Y’all Let Her Live’: Lil Scrappy Claims Bambi Has a ‘New Dude’ Amid Backlash from Fans Who Suspect He Got Back with His Ex-Fiancée Erica Dixon

Lil Scrappy is embracing his single life and new experiences with a familiar face that has fans in an uproar.

The Atlanta native’s recent trip to Honolulu, Hawaii, has sparked a discourse on social media about his love life, after users noticed he was on the island to celebrate the birthday of his ex-fiancée Erica Dixon.

The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” co-stars were together for nine years—including a short-lived engagement—before calling it quits for good in 2013. Throughout the better part of the past decade, Scrappy and Dixon, who co-parent their 18-year-old daughter Emani, were often at odds with each other.

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Scrappy hits back at fans who accuse him of getting back with his ex Erica Dixon following reports about ex-wife Bambi’s “new dude.” (Photos: @Adizthabam/Instagram; @Reallilscrappy/Instagram; @Msericadixon/Instagram.

However, it seems they have found neutral ground and developed a friendship since Scrappy finalized his recent divorce.

“Erbody help me wish this beaurtiful ,educated, sexy mother of my child a happy dappy bday @msericadixon,” he wrote in an Oct. 12 Instagram post. “We ain’t always seen eye to eye but u still gotta piece of my hizeart , love ya and live it up jack.”

Later that day, Scrappy shared footage of himself, Dixon and friends at a luau. He joyfully said that he was doing a lot of things he had never done before turning the camera to show his ex.

In the comments, more than a few users jumped to the conclusion that they were rekindling their romance. One person suggested that Scrappy hanging with Dixon was an attempt at revenge aimed at upsetting his ex-wife, Adiz “Bambi” Benson.

Benson and Scrappy were married for five years before divorcing in 2023. They share three children. During the course of their relationship, Benson and Dixon had their fair share of blowouts.

The “No Problem” artist hit back at the comment. “Man the women y’all talkin bout been got her kick back remember she has a dude already she just ain’t showed y’all now leave me alone and let me live like y’all let her live tf lame ass go on her page if y’all wanna see her or cheer her on cause I would definitely appreciate it,” he wrote.

His mother, Momma Dee, also jumped into the comments to defend the dynamic shared between the exes. “It’s nothing wrong with coparenting treating each other with respect and growth. Life is so hard and we don’t need to make it harder between each other,” she wrote.

Other comments include users writing:

“The gag is, he had no business marrying that lady cus his  BEEN with Ms. Dixon.”

“I’d leave him right where he belongs…knuckin n buckin with Diamond,” one person wrote, referring to another rapper, Diamond, with whom Scrappy has been seen.

“Erica just gave second hand embarrassment.. idc idc don’t at me Rufus !”

“It’s the doubling back for me after making 3 mo kids.”

Scrappy and Bambi have three adolescent children. However, speculation that Scrappy and Dixon were doing more than co-parenting dates back to August, when fans first noticed they were spending time together. Months earlier, he was spotted with Crime Mob rapper Diamond. The two previously dated in the early 2000s, however, it seems their second chance at love was not a success.

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