‘Erica Couldn’t Wait to Get All That Off of Her Chest’: Fans Weigh In After Erica Dixon Threatens to ‘Slap’ Scrappy’s Estranged Wife Bambi During Heated Confrontation

Things got heated between Erica Dixon and Adizia “Bambi” Benson in a recent clip of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.” 

During episode nine of the 11th season, which dropped on Tuesday, Aug. 8, both ladies decided to have a sit-down conversation about Bambi’s relationship with Dixon’s 18-year-old daughter, Emani Richardson. 

Fans weigh in after Erica Dixon and Bambi's sit-down conversation turns into a heated argument.
Fans weigh in after Erica Dixon and Bambi’s sit-down conversation turns into a heated argument. (L) Erica Dixon (Pictured: @msericadixon/Instagram) (R) Bambi (Pictured: @adizthebam/Instagram)

The Klass6 Boutique CEO shares the teenager with her ex-fiancé Lil Scrappy. The rapper also has three children with Bambi, from whom he is currently going through a divorce.

Their “LHH: ATL” castmate and friend Rasheeda Frost acted as the mediator in the discussion. 

Once the two ladies sat down, Dixon expressed her daughter’s desire to have a healthy relationship with her three siblings. She then mentioned the hardships that come with Richardson forming a relationship with them because she hasn’t been to Bambi’s house in a long time.

However, Bambi, who founded online retailer House of Shimmer, debunked Dixon’s comment by stating that Richardson has been to the house when she’s not there. 

“So she’s went when you’re not there Bambi because you’ve mistreated her,” Dixon shared. 

Bambi then claimed that Richardson told her that Dixon “abused her,” which caused chaos to break loose.

In her confessional, Dixon explained that the abuse allegations were placed on her by Bambi and Scrappy after she came over to pick up her child.

“It was so much drama, when the police got there it turned into ‘Oh, she’s abusing Emani,’ ” Dixon said. She also suggested that her former fiancé Scrappy used the police report in an attempt to receive full custody of their child. 

In April, Bambi publicly accused Dixon of abusing Richardson in a lengthy Instagram rant, however, Richardson shut down the accusations while going on a rant of her own. 

“I got in trouble ’cause I was being smart and my momma popped me, that’s nothing,” the child said in an expired Instagram Live.

Dixon and Bambi almost came to blows after Bambi brought up Scrappy, claiming that Dixon was “mad” that the rapper married her. 

“B—h, you’re second best,” Dixon claimed. “He followed me to the Dominican Republic and you know that h–. He proposed to me first, he wanted to be with me. He wanted to marry me and I left.” 

Bambi then proceeded to ask Dixon if she wanted to “square up,” prompting Dixon to jump up from the table and walk toward Bambi. 

“Oh b—h, square the f–k up then b—h. You know I don’t like you b—h,” Dixon said as security quickly surrounded her. “I will slap the f—k out you b—h.”

The scene ended with both ladies being separated while Frost could be seen shaking her head in disappointment. 

It wasn’t long before The Neighborhood Talk reshared a clip of their confrontation on their Instagram page, where fans were seen choosing a side. 

“Bam wasn’t fazed… y’all give Erica to much credit. They fighting over a man who went to the bet awards with a strange Gucci suit on BYE.”

“It’s still Team Erica and it’s gone always be that !!”

There were also comments that deemed Scrappy as the reason for Dixon and Bambi’s heated encounter. One social media user wrote, “Scrappy not worth all of that arguing they doing.”

Another comment read, “Arguing over a man who can’t afford his half of the rent is crazy.”

However, a few commenters suggested that Dixon’s explosive reaction was from all of the built-up anger she let fester within her. 

“Erica couldn’t wait to get all that off of her chest.” 

“Y’all trippin if y’all think Erica is arguing over Scrappy.”

“I’m pretty sure Erica is enraged because of consistent disrespect, not because she wants that man. They seemingly are just co-parents.”

Though Dixon and Bambi aren’t currently seeing eye-to-eye, they previously found a way to mend things during VH1’s show “Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition.”

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