’Obviously He’s the Common Denominator’: Fans Call Out Lil Scrappy as He Appears to Get Close to Ex Erica Dixon Since Celebrating Divorce from Bambi

Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon’s seemingly healthy co-parenting relationship has raised questions among “Love and Hip Hop” fans. 

A new episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” dropped on Tuesday, Aug. 1, and in a clip shared on @realityentertainmenttv via Instagram, viewers were able to see the former couple appear to be in a better space with each other after years of chaos. 

Fans side-eye Lil Scrappy for getting closer to his ex Erica Dixon amid his divorce from Bambi. (L) Lil Scrappy (Pictured: @reallilscrappy/Instagram) (R) Erica Dixon (Pictured: @msericadixon/Instagram)

In the clip, Scrappy and Dixon came together to celebrate their daughter Emani Richardson’s 18th birthday. During the trio’s meet-up, Dixon asked her ex-fiancé about his recent divorce from Adizia “Bambi” Benson. 

“I’ve been tryna, just get myself together ‘cause I got kids. You know what I’m saying? Like, I gotta be there for all of them,” the rapper said.

Scrappy and Bambi called it quits earlier this year after five years of marriage and three children together. The estranged couple even rang in their newfound singleness with individual divorce parties. Throughout their relationship, Bambi constantly went at it online and offline with Dixon, Richardson, and Scrappy’s mother, Momma Dee.

Elsewhere in the clip, Richardson can be heard calling Benson a “Debbie Downer.”

Dixon then explained why their daughter described the former video vixen as such, stating that she had “Energy that brings you down constantly, causes you to continue to have drama and turmoil where it doesn’t need to be.” 

Richardson also admitted that she wasn’t able to go on Instagram Live without someone bringing up statements Benson allegedly made about Dixon. 

“I don’t play about my mom, I don’t play about my dad,” the teenager said. “So when anybody, no matter who they are, when I feel like they disrespect them then you really disrespecting me and I really can’t fool with you like that.”

After listening to his eldest daughter express her feelings, Scrappy admitted that he does not want his younger children, whom he shares with Bambi, to go through the same issues Richardson had to endure. 

“With Erica man, I didn’t like what we went through,” the Georgia native stated in his confessional. “This time? I don’t want no smoke with the mother of my kids like, I ain’t doing this again.”

The scene closed out with Richardson blowing out the candles to her birthday cake before she, Scrappy and Dixon came together for a “family hug.”

Though the interaction appeared to be heartwarming to some fans, many social media users are looking at Scrappy sideways for his ability to get along with Dixon now that he and Bambi are no longer together. At one point, he refused to film or be in a scene with Dixon, but that is certainly no longer the case.

“Not that I’m not here for them being cool but I hate that because him and Bambi divorcing that he wants to now be cool with Erica.. Erica better than me I would have been like nah my friendship is off the table.” 

“This is soo hypocritical, the same problem he is going through with Bambi is the same thing he did to Erica, obviously he’s the common denominator.” 

“It really and truly annoys me how Scrappy gets away with being a bum a– boyfriend/husband/father all because people don’t like the person he used to be with. Like that n—a ain’t s–t.” 

“All of a sudden now he filming with his ex.”

Scrappy and Dixon were in an on-again/off-again relationship for nearly a decade before officially calling it quits in 2013. According to both parties, the “No Problem” rapper was unfaithful to the Klass6 Boutique & Showroom founder, which played a huge factor in the demise of their relationship. 

Throughout the show, fans were able to see Scrappy flirt and kiss other women such as Shay Johnson and his ex-girlfriend Diamond while he and Dixon were still involved. 

Not even a year after their final breakup, Scrappy found himself in the arms of Bambi, who proudly showed off their relationship during different reunions of the show. 

Two years ago, tensions between Dixon and Bambi seemed to finally calm down after they talked everything out on “Family Reunion: Love and Hip Hop Edition.” However, according to the trailer for next week’s episode, things between the two ladies seem to erupt once again. 

Another reason why Scrappy and Dixon’s engagement came to a halt was because of Momma Dee’s intrusiveness, disrespect and lack of boundaries toward Dixon. 

During the second season of “LHH: ATL,” Momma Dee even almost came to blows with Dixon and her mother, Mignon Dixon.

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