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‘Now You’re on Bambi Side?’: Momma Dee Warns Scrappy’s Ex Bambi to ‘Reassess’ Her Friend Group Following Her Recent Arrest After Alleged Fight Alongside Erica Mena and Zell Swag

Momma Dee has issued a warning to her estranged daughter-in-law, Adizia “Bambi” Benson, to be mindful of the company she keeps after she was arrested with two other “Love and Hip Hop” cast mates. 

Typically, Momma Dee drags her son Scrappy’s ex-wife and the mother of his three youngest children, for her parenting or sharing half-naked photos online. But it appears that she is now coming to Benson’s defense.

Momma Dee warns daughter-in-law Bambi about her friends after she is arrested with Erica Mena and Zell Swag following an alleged fight at an Atlanta club.
Momma Dee (left) warns daughter-in-law Bambi (right) about her friends after she is arrested with Erica Mena and Zell Swag following an alleged fight at an Atlanta club. (Photo: @therealmommadee/Instagram, @adizthebam/Instagram)

Police officers were called following reports that Benson, Erica Mena, and Rodney Shaw aka Zell Swag, got into an intense brawl with security guards at an Atlanta club. They were then taken to Fulton County Jail, where their mugshots were snapped and later shared online.

Mena and Benson are both a part of “LHH: ATL,” while Shaw was a main cast member on “LHH: Hollywood.” Video shows Shaw’s partner and rapper Saucy Santana jetting out of the club as things begin to unravel. Another individual, Kareem Cadet, who has no affiliation to the VH1 reality show, was also arrested.

As news about their fight circulated online, Momma Dee voiced her opinion on the situation via Instagram Live. A snippet of her now-expired video was obtained by @livebitez and shared on their page. During the recording, Momma Dee is heard telling Benson to reconsider her friendship with Mena, who was reportedly the main aggressor in the scuffle. 

“When I found out that Erica Mena bit the police, girl. Erica, do not be getting Bambi in no trouble,” the 59-year-old said. 

She continued, “Bambi you need to reassess who your friends are. Sierra got out the way real quick. You gotta think.”

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Momma Dee is referring to Benson and Mena’s former friend Sierra Gates, who recently revealed that she was no longer friends with the duo. This revelation came after Mena publicly alleged that her ex-husband, Safaree Samuels, tried to make a move on Gates. According to the “Glamshop” owner, the situation was supposed to be a private matter away from “LHH.”

Due to the “uncomfortable” incident and Benson’s lack of support for her, Gates decided to cut ties with both women.  

Also in her Live, Momma Dee stated that nothing and no one is worth going to jail for. 

“Don’t nobody wanna be caught behind enemy lines. OK, Bam, someone tell her, please. Reassess who your friends are, send Momma Dee to jail see how close I get to you. Never again,” the former pimp said. 

Momma Dee then noted that while she and Benson do not always see eye to eye, she still doesn’t want the mother of three to be behind bars. 

She added, “I don’t want nothing to happen to her. My grandkids need they mother, my grandkids need they father. Stop playing.” Benson shares her three children with her estranged husband and Momma Dee’s son, Lil Scrappy.

Many Instagram commenters voiced their confusion at Momma Dee defending Benson because of their previous spats online

“Now you’re on Bambi side? I’m so confrused (in Scrappy voice).”

“Leave Bambi alone ma’am.” 

Nevertheless, there were a few users who seemed to admire the fact that Momma Dee appeared to be protective over Benson. 

“Wow, didn’t expect to hear that, Blessings.” 

“Bout time mama Dee got some nice to say.”


Saucy Santana also spoke out to tell his side of the story and stated he was simply hanging out with Shaw, who brought his two “homegirls” along for the night. 

“Erica was very belligerent. I don’t know maybe she probably got too drunk or whatever the case is,” he said. “She was real wild last night.”

Santana confirmed that Mena “got into it” with three or four security guards and Shaw jumped in to calm the situation down. The “Material Girl” rapper also stated that while he left the scene, he still managed to bail Shaw out of jail. 

“Zell ain’t allowed to have no more friends, period,” Santana said before the video ended. 

According to WSB-TV, the three reality stars and the unknown man were charged with willful obstruction of a law enforcement officer. The alleged fight took place after the four reportedly refused to leave the club after security guards attempted to kick them out. They were allegedly “physically aggressive” towards an officer. As a result, Shaw was hit with a simple battery charge and Mena with simple battery against a police officer. 

A video shared by TMZ showed police officers vigorously removing the four individuals from the lounge. Benson can also be seen attempting to break up the fight alongside the officers and security guards.

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