‘You Ain’t Gonna Waste My Life’: Ciara Says Her ‘Taste Buds Changed’ So She Had to Get Rid of Future to Find ‘Joy’ with Husband Russell Wilson

A prayer led Ciara to her husband of seven years, Russell Wilson. The couple share a daughter, Sienna, 6, and son, Win, 3, with another baby on the way. The “Goodies” singer also has an older son named after his father, her ex Future.

Many were initially skeptical about her marriage to the Denver Broncos quarterback, but most knew her relationship with Future was never meant to be.

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Ciara and the “Mask Off” rapper began dating in 2012 and got engaged before welcoming their now 9-year-old son. Since their breakup in 2014, they’ve struggled to maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship.

“When you have a child, it’s very important to me,” said Ciara about 21 minutes into an interview on the Oct. 5 episode of the “Call Me Daddy” podcast. “Like, now it’s no time to play around. The whole like, experimentation kind of phase is out the door,” she added. “I am now responsible for another life. So what am I doing? How am I thinking that through?”

“And when you tired, you tired,” she continued, reflecting on their breakup. “We get tired and we don’t want to be tired all the time. I’m like, ‘I want joy. I want to make sure my cup is full.’”

Fans are in tears over Ciara's hilarious reaction when asked about co-parenting her first born son with rapper Future.
Ciara shares her firstborn son Future with her ex he’s named for, rapper Future. (Photos: @ciara/Instagram, courtesy of Future)

The “Like A Boy” vocalist described their breakup to host Alex Cooper as a “pivotal moment in my life and in any aspect of my life.”

“When you know you’re supposed to make a super-defined decision in your life, you know it from, like, the head to your feet, from your feet to your head, your soul and your body, you know it,” Ciara said.  “It’s almost like your taste buds change. 

“You gotta sometimes also look in the mirror and reflect too, like, ‘OK, what are things I could be doing differently in my life?’ or ‘I’m looking for a change, but what does that mean?’”

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The Grammy-winning artist recalls embracing her mantra, “don’t let nobody waste your time,” adding, “It’s just not worth it.”

Ciara admitted she “overlooked” a few “red flags,” which is why she endured the toxicity of her and Future’s relationship.

“It’s definitely like how someone talks to you, what’s their track record and sometimes too, listen, you see things how you see them and sometimes you do overlook things because of your perspective,” she quipped to Cooper. “A person can tell you everything, like ‘I’ve changed,’ and I’ve heard those stories before [and] I’ve heard that song before.”

“You ain’t gonna waste my life,” she said later.

But one person who didn’t waste her time was Wilson, who heavily pursued her as his friend and mate since they met in 2015.

“Me and Russ always talk about being equally yoked. For us, from day one, it was a healthy place, and I thank God because we always saw a lot of things the same way, and I think that’s more than half the battle when you’re kind of aligned.”

Just one year later, Ciara and Wilson got hitched during a ceremony in England. But it wasn’t until 2019 that she specifically revealed the official prayer that led her to her husband, which included a “God-fearing man” who loves kids and the “wisdom” to learn from her past experiences.

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