‘That’s That Girl He Don’t Take Care of His Kids Laugh’: Ciara Lets Out A Hearty Chuckle When Asked About Co-Parenting With Ex Future

Ciara couldn’t contain her laughter when asked about her co-parenting relationship with her ex-fiancé Future

The former couple share one child together: 9-year-old Future Zahir, and per Cici’s shady cackle it doesn’t seem like they are on the same page when it comes to taking care of the youngster. 

Fans are in tears over Ciara's hilarious reaction when asked about co-parenting her first born son with rapper Future.
Fans are in tears over Ciara’s hilarious reaction when asked about co-parenting her firstborn son with rapper Future. (Photo: @ciara/Instagram; Photo Courtesy: Future)

In a new sit-down interview with The Shade Room, Ciara, 37, was asked by Thembi how she and Future co-parent their son. The question was met with an instant chuckle by Ciara, which quickly transformed into full-blown laughter. 

Ciara’s infectious laughter flowed right over to Thembi, who busted out some giggles of her own.  

“Thembi you awesome,” Ciara said. 

“I feel like that says it all,” Thembi replied as the two ladies casually moved on to their next topic. 

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Their interaction did numbers online and was soon shared on Hollywood Unlocked Instagram’s page. Many commenters appeared to read between the lines and theorized what Ciara’s laughter supposedly meant. 

“This tickled me cause she said everything that needed to be said with that laugh and we all understood.” 

“That’s that ‘girl he don’t take care of his kids’ laugh.” 

“So in other words he’s a deadbeat father, I know that ‘he ain’t s–t’ laugh anywhere.” 

“I don’t even have kids and I understood this wholeheartedly.” 

“If you’re a mother co-parenting with a piece of work you understand every word she said within that laugh.” 

Ciara and Future became an instant favorite among celebrity couples when they first confirmed their relationship in 2013. Later that year, the Atlanta rapper popped the question to his “Body Party Remix” collaborator. 

By 2014, baby Future was on his way, but unfortunately, so was the road of separation. The two officially parted ways in 2015, the same year Cici dropped her popular break-up diss track “I Bet.”

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However, her heartbreak was eventually nurtured and by the middle of the year, Ciara had found her prince charming in Russell Wilson

Ciara and the Denver Broncos quarterback married the following year and share two children together; 6-year-old Sienna Princess Wilson and 3-year-old Win Harrison Wilson. 

The married couple of seven years recently announced that they are expanding their family by dropping a breathtakingly beautiful video of a pregnant Ciara. The silhouette video confirmed fans’ months-long speculations suggesting that she was pregnant once again. 


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