‘Calm Down on the Fillers, You Are Beautiful’: Serena Williams’ Makeover Stuns Fans After Months of Criticism Over Her Drastic Appearance

Tennis champion and businesswoman Serena Williams has been working hard to push her new WYN makeup line.

One standout marketing strategy involves surprise appearances at Ulta Beauty stores, where her beauty products are being sold, a move that has thrilled fans and shoppers alike.

The mother of two gave her 17.2 million Instagram followers a sneak peek at her impromptu meet-and-greet look.

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BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 24: Serena Williams attends the ESSENCE 15th Anniversary Black Women in Hollywood Awards highlighting “The Black Cinematic Universe” at Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel on March 24, 2022 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

“Yesterday I popped up at @ultabeauty and surprised some @wyn shoppers. You never know which @ultabeauty I’ll ‘pop up at.’ Could yours be next?” she captioned a video, joking with her fans, “P.S. don’t mind my messy room.”

Pretty in pink, Serena donned an ash blond wig and flawless makeup. Her fans went crazy complimenting her and praising the work of her makeup artist.

“Whoever did this makeup is the person you should keep. Beautiful,” one person said, as another commented, “Gorgeous! The person/s who did the makeup and hair needs to stay on the payroll!”

Some people thought her makeup might have been a little too flawless and suspected that her model-esque look was achieved by a little more than a perfect beat, hinting at possible cosmetic procedures.

One fan wrote, “Stick with this MUA and calm down on the fillers. You are beautiful.”

On the contrary, one individual claimed, “So glad she took the fillers out. She looks amazing.”

Referring to Serena’s recent weight loss journey to fitting into a designer skirt, one observer added, “You’ve slimmed down! you looking good!”

This isn’t the first time Serena’s appearance has sparked debate. In recent months, some fans have noted changes in her complexion and speculated she might be using fillers and Botox, suggesting these alterations detract from her natural beauty. A recurring complaint was that she has been trying to lighten up her look, messing up her beautiful natural look to look more European.

Last May, the “S by Serena” founder was accused of adding fillers to her plump lips and using botox.

Despite these criticisms, the recent makeover has been generally well-received, with many fans appreciating that her team seems to be taking their feedback to heart.

One social media user expressed this sentiment succinctly,  “At least your glam squad are taking corrective criticism from your fans who love and cherish you @serenawilliams This look is so beautiful on you as you were already born with that AMAZING BODY! shout to your glam squad for listening. FIT FEMININE FRIENDLY to the trolls.”

Both Serena and her sister Venus Williams have a deep passion for fashion and beauty, dedicating much of their post-sports careers to refining their looks and engaging with industry insiders.

The Williams sisters recently turned heads as featured models at Vogue World 2024 during Paris Fashion Week. Fans were agog over Serena’s makeup and physique during her runway walk, marking an overwhelming approval fans have for this new look.

With this positive feedback and the need to prove her makeup is competitive in the market, many hope that she keeps the glam squad currently painting her flawless face.

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