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‘Too Much Lip Fillers’: Serena Williams’ Stunning Video Derails After Fans Get Distracted By Her Plump Lips

Serena Williams looked stunning on the red carpet in a one-sleeved pink wrap dress with dangle earrings at the “Creed III” premiere in Los Angeles on Feb. 27.  

The tennis mogul shared footage of her look on her Instagram page.

Her hair was slicked back into a bun, giving fans clear access to see her wide eyes, glossed cheeks, sculpted nose, and plump lips. 

Serena Williams (Photo: @serenawilliams/Instagram.)

In addition, Williams posted a short video that gave fans a closer look at her glammed-up face.

“Everything’s better in pink,” she wrote in her caption while “Today I Saved The World” by 5 Alarm played in the background. 

The clip attained over 333,000 plays and over 24,000 likes from fans. 

As beautiful as the 46-year-old looked, a few fans suggested that her lips appear to be more plump than usual.

“Bee stung lips, no no.”

“Too much lip fillers and Botox so sad.”

Williams often has dealt with criticism from others about her physical appearance. She’s faced her fair share of accusations over the years from people who believe that she’s gotten her body done, filled her face up with Botox, and bleached her skin. 

The “S by Serena” founder was criticized in May 2021, after uploading a now-deleted image showing her in a black sweatshirt dress and red heels.

Fans zoomed in on Williams’ seemingly lighter-toned skin and claimed that she underwent skin whitening. The photo sparked a massive debate on social media where folks either bashed her or defended her. 

The 41-year-old responded by dropping another photo on her page that showed her bronzed chocolate skin. 

Fans assumed that sharing the fierce picture was her way of firing back at critics who claimed she bleached her skin. Many on social media also have speculated that she had breast implants and a nose job.

Williams has never openly admitted or talked about having plastic surgery or doing anything to enhance her appearance. But that doesn’t stop people from drawing their own assumptions.

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