‘I Can’t Really Breathe’: Serena Williams Continues Trying to Fit Her Butt In Designer Skirt as Fans Encourage Her to Get a Bigger Size

Fans have been following Serena Williams‘ journey to squeeze back into a Valentino denim skirt since January, months after giving birth to her second daughter with her husband, Alexis Ohanian.

The tennis icon has been going hard in the gym working toward her fitness goals, and fans have been cheering her on. When she first tried on the $3,800 designer skirt, it would not fit over her butt.

Serena Williams weight loss
Serena Williams shows off her progress after losing weight to fit into a designer skirt. (Photo: @Serenawilliams/Instagram)

After slaying the Vogue runaway at Paris Fashion Week last week, Williams dropped a video, showcasing considerable progress. She wrote in the caption, “Ok everyone the jean skirt is baaaaaaackkkkkk. Paris was fun, but I gotta see if I can fit in this skirt yet – saying a little prayer…lol.”

Thousands of fans tuned in to see if all her hard work, including having skin tightening treatment on her stomach, which appears to have paid off.

“Okay, here we are again with this jean skirt,” Williams said in a video set to Ginuwine’s “In Those Jeans,” while showing the floor-length garment. effgr6“Let’s see where I am. It’s been a very long journey, so thank you for joining me for this hard journey.”

She said she hadn’t tried on the skirt since May and was curious to see if she could get it over her booty this time.

“Let’s see what happens here. Let’s say our prayers. No talking negative if it doesn’t work out,” the mom of two said to her 17.2 million followers.

“OK Compton, we don’t have that big of a problem anymore,” she said jokingly as a nod to her hometown. “But we still got a little bit,” she finished with a smile.

The skirt made it over her rump this time, and Williams’ was even able to fasten the front button. However, she still looked squished into the denim and couldn’t zip it up comfortably. Undeterred, she encouraged her fans to “check back” in a “few weeks” to see if she had reached her goal.

“I’m not as sad. I’m not even disappointed, honestly. I got it over my butt … it’s a little tight though. I can’t really breathe. It is giving me Barbie 1950. So, I might have to do one more video. Hopefully, the next one is the one.”

The WYN beauty founder’s followers were cheering her own and applauding her for sharing her journey back to her pre-mom body in a vulnerable and honest way.

“I love you for this. Thank you for just being REAL my Cali sister. Xo,” another Cali native stated in her comment section.

“Progress is progress, no matter what…” wrote another. “Well done girl…. You’re almost there!!!”

Many went on telling Serena how much “her body is a blessing,” including many who suggested she just get another size, “Throw that skirt away and buy a new one with a lil stretch b/c your body is perfect.”

In the same vein, another wrote, “I like your honesty about the work and struggle. Not promoting snap back culture x.”

But no Serena post comes without criticism. Typically fans are zooming in to comment on her makeup or her hair, but one said, “That hair and make-up is together though! You look good!”

In real life, it is neither the skirt nor Williams’ fault that she is a little too thick for the wear. It really just nature.

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