‘If It Wasn’t for Kevin, We Wouldn’t Even Know You’: Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife Torrei Hart Called Out for Making What Fans Call a Shady Video About Tiffany Haddish to Plug Her Own Music

Comedian-turned-artist Tiffany Haddish just dropped her new sister girl anthem, “Woman Up,” which is receiving mixed reviews from music critics and fans online. However, the “Girls Trip” actress also received some support, albeit from one of the most unlikely sources.

The ex-wife of her longtime friend Kevin Hart is out early telling people to “stop the hate train” when it comes to Haddish’s music.

torrei hart shady video about tiffany haddish
Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, Torrei Hart, gets slammed for making a video about Tiffany Haddish’s new music. (Photos: @torreihart/Instagram; Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

Torrei Hart, mother of the comedian’s two oldest children, took to her social media to give her funny take on the new song, saying, “Mind your business.”

“A lot of y’all is going in on this song, ‘Woman Up by’ Tiffany but let me tell you something,” she continued. “This song is motivational and it got me up out the bed this morning. So mind your business.”

Torrei added, “And I know it sounds like it’s from the early 2000s or whatever but so what! It’s going to crossover. It’s going to be a hit. Watch! Mark my words it is going to be a hit.”

Torrei then said that Haddish “inspired” her to promote her music to her fans, instructing her followers to stream her songs “Treasure” featuring Childsplay KiDD, “Lit,” and “Girl You Knew,” which dropped on March 15.

After The Shade Room reposted her video, fans immediately chimed in to claim the “Dark Matters” tour opener was trying to blow her music up by riding Haddish’s A-list coattails.

“Came more off like a promotional train for your music!” one person wrote. Another wrote, “Lmao threw your plug in there real quick.” A third observer who thought Torrei’s response was shady wrote, “That was the shadiest video I’ve seen thus far from you.”

Many of the comments talked about why they were supporting Haddish, stating everything from her supporting genocide to her just not being funny anymore.

A third comment read, “She Ready but WE AINT,” as someone else put it plain, “Lol girl nobody checkin for that or your’s.”

Some individuals took a jab at her directly saying, “Girl, if it wasn’t for Kevin we wouldn’t even know you.”

This is not the first time that Torrei has been accused of trying to come up off of someone more successful or famous than she is, namely, her ex-husband.

However, according to the Philadelphia native, her ex owes his entire career to her after claiming she helped him craft and inspire much of his early work. Torrei has even gone as far as to say that being Kevin’s ex-wife “hindered” her career as a comedian more than helped it.

Though she said he was at one point a roadblock, in 2022, when she appeared in the film “Super Turnt,” the “Ride Along” actor gave her a shoutout on Instagram for his 179 million followers — one that has cost big brands and corporations millions of dollars. According to Prestige.com, Kevin “tops the list of celebrities making the most on Instagram” after earning $28.1 million in 2023.

Despite the ally-oop two years ago, it seems like Torrei has been working. The comic passing her the ball these days is not her ex but her ex’s nemesis: Katt Williams.

Still, she keeps missing shots, many fans believe. At the beginning of June, while attending The Roots Picnic in Fairmount Park’s Mann Music Center in Philadelphia, she took to social media to play a prank on a blind man. Fans immediately turned on her, saying her joke was not funny.

According to Torrei, fans come at her not just because they don’t think she’s funny, but because they are comparing her to Kevin’s current wife, Eniko Hart.

“Girl drop the last name, he gave it to somebody else!” wrote another person on IG.

Torrei has stated that she has not and will not give up the last name she shares with her children. But she claims colorism is the root cause of the comparisons of her with Eniko.

“In the beginning it was hard. It’s hard of course but I feel like — if I’m really being honest — it’s more so they demonize Black women,” she stated on “The Culture Club” talk show back in 2021. “Especially dark-skin Black women. Because that’s what I’ve seen in the media and what I’ve dealt with. I mean even when he moved on to a new relationship it was like, ‘Oh, he’s got a come-up ’cause she’s lighter or whatever.”

While complexion was not mentioned, recently, Chris Rock joked, “Ain’t nothing like that second wife happiness.

This time, fans were riding for Torrei, saying, “That’s why he got slapped.”

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