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‘It’s Torrei Time’: Torrei Hart Talks New Film ‘Super Turnt’ and Explains Kevin Hart’s Perceived Lack of Enthusiasm In Viral Video Promoting the Movie

Social media users are having their say over a viral video of Torrei Hart with her ex-husband, superstar comedian Kevin Hart, and their two children. In an Instagram clip shared on Saturday, Jan. 15, Kevin tells viewers to check out his ex-wife’s new film, “Super Turnt.”

Fans questioned Kevin’s lack of enthusiasm and energy in the clip. Yet, Torrei explained in a chat with Atlanta Black Star that she and the superstar comedian were “tired.”

During their eight-year marriage, actors and comedians Torrei Hart and Kevin Hart welcomed two children. (Photo: @torreihart/Instagram @kevinhart/Instagram)

“Here’s the funny thing. We had just left the bank. We were taking our kids to go and put their checks into the bank and show them how to do certain banking methods and what you got to do. We were coming from doing something to uplift our children,” the actress said. “And Kevin is a human. You know, people, when they see him, they expect for him to always be at a hundred and he had just came from the gym. I had just came from a big meeting. So not only is he tired, but I’m tired.”

Torrei said it’s “unfortunate” many felt she begged or coerced Kevin Hart into promoting her film. But she added, “Trust and believe if he didn’t want to do it, he would have said, ‘Torrei, no, I’m not doing it.’ “

Due to Kevin’s infidelity, Torrei and Kevin divorced in 2011. They’ve remained friends and co-parent their 16-year-old daughter, Heaven, and 14-year-old son, Hendrix.

“Life is short. If you can make somebody feel special, if you can get over anything, if you cannot hold grudges and let stuff go, let it go. Because in the end, it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. Forgive [because] everybody does things. Everybody goes through things in life. That’s how you evolve, and sometimes give people grace,” Torrei shared. “For the sake of my kids…I don’t want them to walk around feeling like they got to put on a certain type of face for this parent or they can’t be a certain type of way around this parent. And that’s just me. I can only speak for me and that’s how I choose to co-parent.”

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – OCTOBER 16: Torrei Hart attends “Super Turnt” movie premiere at Mann Robinson Studios on October 16, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)

Even though they’re no longer together, Torrei still has the last name of her two-time Emmy- nominated ex. The actress caught flak last year when she shared her decision to keep the Hart name. However, she may have had a change of heart.

My son came to me one day and asked me not to change my name because he wanted the same name as me. I’ve said this a million times too and for whatever reason, people put so much emphasis on a name. It’s my name,” Torrei said. “If I change my name tomorrow, I guarantee you people are going to say, ‘Torrei Hart changed her name. She’s still Torrei Hart to me.’ I guarantee you it doesn’t matter. Would I take on my new suitor’s name? Of course, he’s my new husband now. “

Torrei maintains she has moved on and is focused on building her name, providing for her children and enjoying her freedom until the next time she says, “I do.”

“I know what it takes to be married. It is hard work and right now everything that I’m doing is for Torrei and my children. So I’m putting everything into me and my children right now because I had to stop doing that for a while when I was raising them when they were younger. And now that they’re older, they get it. They’re like, ‘Mom, go after for everything.’ So I just don’t feel the need to get married, right this second. I just don’t, because really now it’s Torrei time.”

In the meantime, Torrei Hart has a number of projects and films in the works, including a forthcoming EP, and producing more films with her business partner and producer Mann Robinson. Hart and Robinson executive produced “Super Turnt,” the sequel to 2020’s “Turnt” under Mann Robinson Studios. 

“Super Turnt” is available now on Tubi and Amazon Prime.

Watch it here.

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