Torrei Hart Says She’s ‘Blocking Out the Noise’ Following Criticism She’s Betraying Kevin Hart By Joining Katt Williams’ ‘Dark Matter’ Tour

Comedian Torrei Hart asserts that Katt Williams has been instrumental in advancing her career in ways that being married to her ex-husband, Kevin Hart, never did.

The former pair dated for one year before getting married in 2003. However, they divorced in 2011 due to infidelity on Kevin’s part.

After Williams berated the “Lift” actor during his appearance on “Club Shay Shay,” he asked Kevin’s ex-wife to join a few dates on his “Dark Matter” tour. The two men have taken jabs at each other in various interviews over the year.

Despite the positive trajectory her career seems to be on, some are suggesting that she shouldn’t work with the “Pimpin, Pimpin” comedian.

Torrei Hart poses with Katt Williams after announcing her guest appearance on his “Dark Matter” tour. (Photo: @torreihart/Instagram)

In their minds, Torrei is “working with the opps” by touring with someone who has openly declared themselves a professional adversary to her children’s father.

Now, the Philadelphia funnywoman says she’s ignoring “the noise” and has taken to social media in two different posts to share with her 737,000 followers exactly how she feels.

In one video post, co-branded with Fashion Nova on Monday, Jan. 15, she cackles while looking into the camera “Working with the opps? You telling me I am working with the opps?”

Then Torrei rhetorically answers, “Well, then I am working with the opps,” as she tosses money in the air and walks off the screen.

The backlash was swift. “Queen Respectfully this ain’t a flex,” said rapper Mysonne the General. Another person told her, “Send that last name back then.”

Some social media users suggested that the “opps” wasn’t Williams, but instead her ex-husband.

“Nah sis you was with the ops when the ops was borrowing your jokes to get on and then cheated in the marriage,” the Instagram user wrote. “Do your thing, you’re funnier than him anyway.”

Torrei has been credited with being a significant influence in helping Kevin become such as success by writing and inspiring much of his early work in the early years of their relationship and during the start of his career.

On Jan. 17, Torrei was back on the ‘Gram sharing a four-part message: “Think Big, Work Hard, Block Out the Noise, and Win!”

This post’s message resonated more with her audience. The comments read exclamations like “That part,” “In that order,” and “Amen.”

The 45-year-old has recently been booked for three shows on Williams’ “Dark Matter” tour. The first show is on Jan. 27 in Charlotte, NC at the Bojangles Coliseum, Feb. 2 in Orlando, Florida, at the Addition Financial Arena, and a few miles away on Feb. 3 in Tampa in the Yuengling Center.

Kevin doesn’t appear to be bothered that his ex and mother of his children is “working with the opps,” as she stated. When asked by TMZ about her going on tour with Williams, he said, “I want everybody to win, hope the tour is great.”

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