‘Victoria’s Version Needs Lil Salt n Peppa’: Fans Are Shocked After Learning Beyoncé’s ‘Resentment’ Was Originally Written for Spice Girls Singer Victoria Beckham

It’s not unusual for multiple artists to perform songs that were written or recorded by other artists.

In many cases, the song (despite who it was written for) was simply destined to be with a star who would make it a chart-topper. This can be said for Rihanna’s hit song, “Umbrella,” which was originally created by The Dream for Britney Spears and later passed to and passed on by Mary J. Blige.

Another song that might shock many is Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” which was originally written for TLC. Not to mention, artists who bring new life to notable cover songs once a creative dropped their special magic dust on them. Oftentimes, the second version becomes so beloved and popular that fans are shocked to know that it wasn’t the original.

This is the case with the 2006 song “Resentment,” which appeared on Beyoncé’s sophomore album, “B’Day.” The song was first recorded by former Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham in 2004.

Fans are shocked after learning Beyoncé's (R) 2006 track, "Resentment," was written for supermodel Victoria Beckham.
Fans are shocked after learning Beyoncé’s 2006 track “Resentment” was written for former Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham. (Photos: @victoriabeckham/Instagram, @beyonce/Instagram)

The Shade Room posted both versions of the songs on Instagram Saturday, Nov. 11, where fans could not believe how each could sound so different based on who was singing it.

“That should’ve been a forever Victoria Secret,” one person wrote when discovering the former supermodel sang the song. Another added, “Victoria’s version sounds like audiobook.”

One person joked, “Victoria’s version need a lil salt n peppa, a lil lawrys,” and another person said, “I could have went my whole life without hearing this lol.”

Many people referenced the fact that R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan also did a cover of the song and may have bested both former girl band singers.

“I love Beyoncé’s version…but there is no singer that can sing any song better than Jazmine Sullivan,” one music lover wrote. Someone else agreed, adding, “No shade to Bey, but Jazmine’s interpretation of this ATE DOWN‼️‼️ Effortlessly…IYKYK! If they ever do any Beyoncé tributes, she HAS to do it!”

Watch the Full Video Here.

“Resentment” is not the only shocking cover that might have blown your mind.

The Fugees’ “Killing Me Softly” was a remake of Roberta Flack’s hit song. Another example is Whitney Houston’s massive hit record “I Will Always Love You.” The song soared to historic heights but was not originally performed by her. It was a country song, written and performed by Dolly Parton.

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