Days After Jeezy’s Sit-Down with Nia Long, Report Claims Jeannie Mai Is on the Hunt for a New Home 2,000 Miles Away from Their Family House In Georgia

Amid her very public divorce process from rapper Jay “Jeezy” Jenkins, Jeannie Mai allegedly is looking for a new place to lay her head.

In an exclusive with The Messenger, a supposed source close to Mai said, “She’s trying her best to get her new life in order and start fresh. Jeannie is currently looking at buying her own home in Los Angeles.” During Mai’s two-year relationship with Jeezy, she and their daughter Monaco, lived in Atlanta.

Jeannie Mai is allegedly looking for a house in LA, amid public divorce from Jeezy.
Jeannie Mai is allegedly looking for a house in L.A. amid her breakup with Jeezy. (Photo: @thejeanniemai/Instagram)

The source also stated that Mai was familiar with Los Angeles because she spent time there when she worked one of her various hosting jobs, like “Holey Moley” and “The Real.” A Los Angeles home would also help Mai a little with her latest gig, “Raid the Cage,” as the reality TV game show was filmed in Mexico City.

On Oct. 12, Mai went on her friend Sherri Shepherd’s talk show, “Sherri,” to talk about “Raid the Cage,” but she ended up talking about how she had been since the separation.

After Shepherd asked how she had been holding up, Mai said, “I’m not gonna lie, you know, it takes every day to just sit and be quiet in your thoughts, take care of me. But one thing I know is, you give God your pain, He will give you His power, period.”

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The “How Do I Look?” said she was taking it day by day while also focusing as much as possible on her daughter, whom she refers to as her “North Star.”

“I’m able to look at her,” Mai said to Shepherd, “and I can say, ‘What would I advise you if you were in my shoes,’ and it changes everything, so I’m so thankful to be a mom, and I’m thankful to have her.”

At the time, fans who watched the interview gave their opinions on the divorce. Some fans said, “I love Jeannie. She will get through this,” while another said, “Isn’t this why Jeezy wanted a divorce? Cause she keeps talking about their private life. Yeah, Jeanie, good job on staying divorced.”

Less than a month after Mai’s sit down on the “Sherri” show, Jeezy had an interview of his own, which went on to blow up on social media. As a part of the rollout for his latest album, “I Might Forgive…But I Don’t Forget,” Jeezy teamed up with iconic Black actress Nia Long in a heart-to-heart about his life.

During their one-on-one conversation, the “Boys n the Hood” actress asked Jeezy what led to him filing for divorce from Mai in September. The “Spaceships on Bankhead” rapper said that he wouldn’t talk down on the mother of his child, but he did say that he was “saddened, disappointed, and uneasy.”

Long asked if he and Mai went to therapy to try and work out their issues, and Jeezy answered yes. Long said, “Well then, s—t, you tried,” and Jeezy nodded in agreement. Neither Jeezy nor Mai has called their former significant other out by name.

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