‘I Can Only be Responsible for Myself’: Jeezy Drops Bombshell, Claims Not Even Therapy Could Save His Marriage to Jeannie Mai

Jeezy released his “I Might Forgive… But I Don’t Forget” interview with Nia Long, where the rapper opened up about dissolving his marriage to Jeannie Mai.

The two iconic entertainers had a long thoughtful conversation about Jeezy’s personal life, as well as Long’s upbringing and her recent split from longtime fiancé Ime Udoka. Over the course of the hour-and-three-minute interview, Jeezy spoke about his toxic relationship with his mother, and how he felt he had never received unconditional love in his life.

The “Put On” rapper said that his mother’s attitude and “violent” behavior toward him came from her “not being raised right.”

“Very violent. Very verbal. Very cold. I just remember that I was kinda on the outside because I looked so much like my father,” said Jeezy at the 3:29 time mark.

Jeezy and Nia Long talk about their broken relationships in a One-on-One interview.
Jeezy and Nia Long talk about their broken relationships in a one-on-one interview. (Photo: @jeezy @iamnialong/Instagram)

Jeezy said his parents got divorced, and his father told him that “he’ll never trust another woman again,” which stuck with him. When Long asked why his father would say such a thing, Jeezy said he concluded his dad said that because of whatever his dad had gone through with his mom.

Jeezy continued to talk about how his relationships with his mother, sister, grandmother and life hustling in the streets affected him, and Long also added in by talking about her father as well as her ex-fiancé. Near the end of the conversation, Long brought up the topic that a lot of fans were hoping to hear about.

“What we haven’t talked about is your current marriage and your current situation,” Long said at the 52:38 time mark.

The “Friday” actress said that Jeezy didn’t have to go into the details, but it would be unfair to him if she didn’t ask the question in their judgment-free space.

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Long asked, “What happens when a man gets to the point where they’re just like ‘Okay, I’m filing for divorce’?” Jeezy said because of his integrity, he couldn’t talk ill about Mai, but he did say that it hasn’t been an easy journey.

“This has not been an easy journey. I could tell you that I’m saddened. I could tell you that I’m disappointed. I could tell you that I’m uneasy,” he explained, before revealing that he wanted to be “in the best situation that he can thrive” as a person who has dealt with trauma.

“I can only be responsible for myself,” he continued. “You know I can only do what I can do, and I can’t expect someone else to do what I’m doing.”

Long asked the “Don’t Cheat” artist if he and Mai had tried therapy together, and he said yes. “So you actually addressed it, tried to work through it, tried to do the work, and it just was like not happening. Well then, s—t you tried,” she said as Jeezy nodded his head in agreement.

Some of the viewers believed that his remarks proved that the rumors about Mai cheating on him were true. Comedian Ryan Davis said, “I’m not gonna lie… Him relating with Nia so well makes me believe that she cheated. I could be wrong.”

Another commenter said, “The fact that he still kept it so respectful you can just tell she hurt him BAD.”

While most people talked about their conversation, other viewers felt like there was some chemistry between the two. One person said, “Plot twist… Jeezy + Nia the couple we never knew we needed.”

Jeezy only bolstered those accusations as he made Long cry while giving the actress her flowers. As the actress began to talk about her ex’s highly publicized cheating scandal, she said she was shocked by the way “Black people stood up” for her.

The rapper looked confused as he responded, “You didn’t realize that…you’re America’s sweetheart.” Jeezy went on to shower Long with kind words, stating at the 56:11 mark that she “embodies what a well-minded, grown a– Black woman is supposed to be like.”

Long had to wipe away tears after the rapper praised her for her integrity and how she handled herself in the aftermath.

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