‘Jamie Always Been Into the Bunnies’: Fans Can’t Believe Jamie Foxx Reportedly Wants Marriage and Kids with New Girlfriend Alyce Huckstepp

Jamie Foxx’s relationship with his girlfriend, Alyce Huckstepp, is fairly new to the public, but he’s reportedly ready to take things to the next level with a proposal and more children. 

Sources close to the actor told RadarOnline that Foxx and Huckstepp are “smitten” with each other and “having so much fun right now.” Their relationship was supposedly heightened after Foxx suffered from a “medical complication” while filming in Atlanta, Georgia, back in April. 

Fans are questioning Jamie Foxx after reports suggest he's ready to marry and make more babies with girlfriend Alyce Huckstepp.
Fans are questioning Jamie Foxx after reports suggest he’s ready to marry and have children with his girlfriend Alyce Huckstepp. (Pictured: @iamjamiefoxx/Instagram)

Things were touch and go for months, as Foxx went missing in action and had to have a stunt double complete scenes for his movie “Back In Action.” Fans adamantly expressed their disbelief about his condition and whereabouts after he was spotted playing at Topgolf and riding on a trolley in Chicago, where he was recovering at a treatment facility.

“Jamie did not know if he was going to live, and he truly feels like he’s getting a second chance at life,” a source said to The National Enquirer. “He wants to make it count.” 

Although minimal information about Foxx’s condition has been known to the public, he’s documented his recovery through reflective posts on Instagram. 

The father of two is also allegedly looking to expand his legacy with Huckstepp. The insider spilled to RadarOnline that a baby is “absolutely in the plan!”

“He’s totally in love,” that person reportedly added. “He’s going to propose soon – probably over the holidays – and knowing Jamie, he’ll make it very romantic.” 

The “Ray” actor previously has rejected the idea of marriage in his 2021 memoir, “Act Like You Got Some Sense.” He wrote, “I just don’t think I’m the marrying type. I’ve just never been convinced that marriage was a good idea for me.”

News about Foxx’s supposed plans to get down on one knee made its way to The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page. The Neighborhood Talk also shared an image of Huckstepp with blond hair pulled away from her face, which caused fans to point out the obvious difference between the couple.

One person wrote, “Why y’all acting surprised? Jamie always been into the bunnies.” Another social media user penned, “She looks like she took my order at Starbucks this morning.” A third suggested, “That’s not Jamie that’s the Clone.”

While there were a lot of comments against this possible union, there were many social media users who defended Foxx’s choice to love whoever he loves.

A few read, “Being upset about who someone chooses to be with is something a lot of yall need to be healed from… this is not the 1800s,” and “Oh well he can date white women he never trash talk black women.” 

The Golden Globe winner already has two daughters, Corinne Foxx and Annalise Bishop, from two previous relationships. The “Dreamgirls” star was also in a long-term relationship with “Dawson’s Creek” actress Katie Holmes until 2019. 

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Fans were first introduced to Huckstepp in September after she and Foxx were spotted vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for Labor Day weekend. 

Though not everyone seems happy with whom Foxx has may have chosen to spend the rest of his life with, Huckstepp reportedly has shown him why marriage isn’t such a bad idea after all.

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