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‘I Ain’t Believing It Till He Sings a Lil Something’: Fans Don’t Believe ‘Weird’ Reports About Jamie Foxx Being ‘Outside’ Following His Third Appearance In Two Days

Jamie Foxx appears to be getting back to his normal life since being hospitalized in April.

Fans all over social media were excited after TMZ shared a video of the 55-year-old actor cruising down the Chicago River on a boat with two friends on July 9.

Foxx smiled and waved at fans on a neighboring boat in his first public outing since suffering a “medical complication.” The outlet has obtained another video of the actor, which was reportedly taken an hour before midnight on July 8.

On July 10, a social media user named Quan Barber shared a third video apparently of Foxx on Instagram, which shows the “Ray” star wearing sunglasses and an all-black ensemble as he hopped back into a Black Cadillac seated next to a woman.

Jamie Foxx was spotted in Chicago retrieving a woman’s purse. (Photos: @barber_homie_quan/Instagram)

“Mom lost her bag in Chicago today Jamie fox found it and brought it to her and he said he feels good y’all god is good,” Barber wrote in the caption.

“Yes baby,” he said to a woman on a trolley who could be heard yelling, “Thank you Jamie! Oh my God … saved your purse.” She continued, “He saved your purse. You didn’t even notice …”

The video offers a glimpse of a white man in front of the trolley holding a set of handlebars. According to Barber, his mother’s purse had fallen off during a trolley ride “a couple blocks back.”

He said she didn’t even notice it “was gone till she seen it in his (Foxx’s) hands.”

The short clip quickly made its way onto Twitter, where fans expressed mixed emotions about the “Unpredictable” singer making his third public appearance in such a short amount of time, including some that noticed the change in his physical appearance.

“Did they clone Jamie Foxx?”

“Jamie Foxx been on a hiatus for how long now? And now he done made 3 public appearances in less than 48 hrs…weird (to me).”

“I’m the video of Jamie Foxx in the yacht he has hair , in the video of him getting in the car he is fully bald. This is supposedly 1-2 days apart. I mean …idk lol.”

“I ain’t believing it till he sings a lil something.”

However, there were many who defended the “Day Shift” star’s appearance against rumors of him being a clone and other rumors his injuries came from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

“JAMIE FOXX is looking healthy. don’t buy into the hype. Foxx is outside! A LOT of people who were vaccine injured that need your support. DON’T pay attention to the anti-vax hustlers. One hustler even said Foxx didn’t look healthy on the yacht sighting when Jamie was like 50 yards away. I didn’t know you can assess someone’s health half a football field away, speeding by on a yacht. LOL. the anti-vax hustlers are hunting for any celebrity they can to get clicks and views from to fit their biased political narrative. Btw I didn’t get vaccinated.”

According to an observer, Foxx was seen walking around and chatting with family and friends at a Topgolf in Naperville, Illinois. He had a head full of hair and wore a gray sweatsuit. The individual told TMZ that the comedian had a “strong swing” and was playing much better than the company he came with.

“He was walking regular, not dragging his leg. His arm movement were definitely good,” said the eyewitness about Foxx. “He was just regular Jamie.”

The Topgolf facility is reportedly close to the facility where Foxx has been recovering for the last four months. Weeks after he was released from the hospital, his daughter, Corinne, 29, revealed that he was in recovery.

However, Corinne and other family members have remained tight-lipped about the details of his condition or exactly what “medical complication” he suffered while filming his Netflix movie “Back In Action.”

Production was initially halted after the beloved entertainer had a “major meltdown” on set that resulted in the firing of four staffers, and later the alleged discovery of a bomb on set.

Foxx serves as executive producer of the film, which also features his longtime co-star Cameron Diaz and actress Glenn Close. A stunt double was brought in to complete his final scenes in the movie, which arrives in 2024.

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