‘Usher Loves a Mature Woman’: Fans Say Kenya Moore ‘Was Ready To Risk It All’ After Getting Lost In Usher’s Serenading Trap

Kenya Moore left her video girl days back in the early 2000s, but for a moment Usher managed to bring the vixen out of her recently.

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” veteran found herself caught up in the moment when the crooner put the spotlight on her during a recent show at his Las Vegas residency on Sunday, Nov. 5.

Dressed in a fitted white dress with cutouts along the sides of her torso, hips, and thighs, there was no way that Usher could miss her as he made his way through the audience. The aforementioned portion of his concert, where he seeks out a special lady to sing to, has been a viral hit since this summer when Keke Palmer made waves with her sexy, sheer outfit.

Kenya Moore gets serenaded by Usher at one of his Leas Vegas residency shows. (Photos: @kenya/Instagram)

“Ooh girl you got them hips out, they gon’ be talking about you tomorrow saying’ she put that thang on, baby, yes she did, yes she did,” sang the R&B crooner as he approached Moore, who had a huge smile plastered across her face.

When asked how she was doing, she responded, “Great now,” as Usher closed the gap of space between the two. He then proceeded to slow dance and serenade the 52-year-old housewife to his 2004 song “Superstar.”

At one point, the 45-year-old stood behind the former fashion model as they swayed to the music. Moore was fully enthralled in the moment as she clasped hands with the “Confessions” singer.

The heat of the moment and gaze from the onlooking audience members created a scene as she clasped her hands around Usher’s and attempted to wrap his arms around her waist. He ever so smoothly redirected their joined hands outwards.

While still standing behind her, the maneuver did little to stop Moore from giving into temptation, as she then proceeded to run one hand down Usher’s shoulder and towards his groin area. Again, without skipping a beat, he gently grabbed her wandering hand.

Moore shared footage of the flirty interaction on her Instagram account with the caption, “@usher snatched my soul last night.” On the Spiritual World’s Instagram page, where the clip was also reshared, users had plenty to say.

“Kenya hands got lost I see,” wrote one person. A second individual commented, “She was ready to risk it all.” And a third suggested that a romantic connection between the two entertainers was not a far-fetched idea. “Thing is…this could work! Usher loves a mature woman and she’s BAD!! Twirl Kenya!” read the comment.

Watch the Full Video Here.

Usher has been with his girlfriend, Jennifer Goicoechea, since 2019. They have two young children together, and Usher has two older sons with his ex-wife, Tameka Foster. An X user implied that Moore was into the serenading trap due to the demise of her marriage to estranged husband Marc Daly.

The two tied the knot in June 2017 but split for good in May 2021. For two years they have been at a stalemate in divorce proceedings, which include a custody battle over their 5-year-old daughter, Brooklyn.

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