‘Mariah Carey’s Brand of Shade Is Iconic!!!’: Resurfaced Clip of Mariah Carey and Wendy Williams’ On-Air Roast Session Has Fans In Tears

Mariah Carey and Wendy Williams had a showdown back in 2003 during an interview when the former VJ worked under 107.5 FM. Listeners will never forget the two divas roasting each other on air.

Fans online got to relive the moment after a snippet of the two roasting each other about plastic surgery.

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Mariah Carey (left) and Wendy Williams (right). (Photos: @mariahcarey/Instagram, @therealwendywilliamsonline/Instagram)

The roasting began when Williams asked Carey about her alleged breast implants.

“You got breast implants. We don’t have to talk about that,” said Williams.

“You with the triple Ds need to stop it right now,” said Carey. “We’re happy that you had the lipo lunch and the breast implants but leave me be.”

“Have you gotten a nose job?” asked Williams, undeterred.

“Oh my God, no,” replied Carey. “Can we talk about your tummy tuck again?”

“You look like the type that got implants,” responded Williams.

“Well, honey, YOU look like the type that got implants,” replied Carey. “You look like Pamela [Anderson] Lee’s cousin.”

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Williams has admitted to having a tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast implants over two decades ago. Fans suspected she had a breast reduction earlier this year after noticing her smaller chest in photos. However, Carey has never confessed to having any plastic surgery.

Fans reacted to the viral clip that continued circulating on X, where several gave their opinions on the roasting session.

“Mariah chewed her up!!! lol,” added one individual. “Mariah Carey’s brand of shade is iconic!!! She effortlessly eats the girlies up. Like she will treat you like a dusty on her ‘I don’t know her’ stuff!!” “Pamela Lee’s cousin. Mimi got jokes,” noted a third.

“Mariah and whitney the only people to ever clear wendy,” wrote a fourth person.


Williams continued to shade Carey on her daytime talk show, “The Wendy Williams Show,” back in 2016 and said she was “too fragile” for reality TV. Williams also shaded the “Love Takes Time” singer following her breakup with billionaire James Packer.

“Mariah, I told you he wouldn’t marry you,” said Williams. “I told you your antics would make him sick.” Williams also told “Entertainment Tonight” that she wanted to send Carey “A box of cats. Because with an attitude like that, no man is going to stick around.”

Carey responded to Williams’ fragile comments in an Instagram video of with her friend, “Precious” director Lee Daniels. As Carey play-kicked Daniels, he exclaimed, “I’m the b—h that’s fragile, OK?” Carey captioned the post, “He’s the b—h that’s fragile! Don’t come for us unless we call for you @wendyshow.”

As for Ms. Houston, she was fed up when she called out Williams during another infamous interview after enduring years of the former talk show host’s negative comments about her personal life and career.

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The 2003 conversation ended so badly that the “I Have Nothing” singer devised a plan with her best friend Robyn Crawford to confront Williams face to face outside the studio where she worked.

“We didn’t know what you looked like, and our plan was to go down to Hudson Street and squat like Khalif waiting for you,” Crawford revealed on “The Wendy Williams Show” in 2019.

In the early years of her radio career up until she was dethroned from her royal purple chair, Williams gossiped about Houston’s drug habit, her erratic behavior, and her complex marriage to fellow singer Bobby Brown.

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