Nick Cannon Says He ‘Wouldn’t Be Alive’ During Lupus Diagnosis if Not For His ‘Rock’ Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon recently sang the praises of his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, and how she helped him through the early stages of his lupus diagnosis.

In a sit down with Steven Bartlett’s “The Diary of a CEO” podcast, Cannon shared what it was like when he first learned he had lupus in 2012.

He told the platform, “I always felt like I had a ticking clock, but the ticking clock became more apparent in 2012.” Cannon went on to say that it made him want to make the most out of every day because tomorrow is not promised.

Nick Cannon said that Mariah Carey saved his life during his Lupus diagnosis.
Nick Cannon said Mariah Carey saved his life during his lupus diagnosis. (Photos: @nickcannon, @mariahcarey/Instagram)

According to Cannon, he made frequent hospital visits early in his diagnosis with symptoms ranging from blood clots and pulmonary embolisms to kidney failure and losing the ability to walk. 

“Between like 2012 and 2016 I was in the hospital like a couple times a year for stints of like three weeks to a month just tryna figure it out,” he said.

Bartlett asked what it was like for Carey, Cannon’s then-wife, to go through the situation. “She went hard,” Cannon said while referring to the singer as his rock. “To be honest, probably wouldn’t even be alive if it wasn’t for how hard she went with the doctors, with me, my stubbornness.”

Cannon added, “She was the perfect helpmate, the perfect matriarch, the perfect mom, the perfect wife in those scenarios. ’Cause granted, she’s who she is and dealing with all the pressures of being Mariah Carey, but then being loving enough to take on all of my stuff.” 

Cannon shares that despite his headspace and medical issues likely taking a toll on the pair’s marriage, it also brought them closer together. When asked if he believed Carey saved his life, the “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” star answered, “Oh, absolutely.” 

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Cannon also says he would lay his life down for the “All I Want for Christmas Is You” singer, telling the host, “You know it’s just what you do. It’s family.” 

Viewers appreciated Cannon’s candidness and ability to speak highly of his ex-wife. 

“The fact that he talks so highly of her and they’re not together anymore shows the respect he has for her.”   

“Realizing what was best for you when you can no longer have it has to be extremely painful.” 

“@NickCannon heartfelt appreciation for @MariahCarey support during his lupus diagnosis is a powerful reminder of the impact love and support can have on one’s health journey. It’s a testament to the strength of their bond. #LoveAndSupport #HealthJourney.”

Even though he is no longer with Carey, Cannon still has to deal with lupus. He told Bartlett that he was just in the hospital last December because of the autoimmune disease.  

“[With] lupus you have what they call flare-ups,” Cannon said, “and it happens [at] certain times of the year, seasons, stress and some can be worse than others.”

However, Cannon said that with the disease you just have to keep pushing, because “you never know how strong you are till being strong is the only option.” 

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