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‘She … Smiling from Treatment’: Wendy Williams’ Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter Sued for Over $20K Following Reports He was Dumped By the Woman He Fathered a Child with During His Marriage

Wendy WIlliams‘ ex-husband Kevin Hunter is having more financial issues after reportedly being dumped by the mistress he fathered a child with during their marriage.

Hunter’s affair with a pregnant Sharina Hudson was revealed in 2019, just before Williams served her then-husband with divorce papers. He was later fired as executive producer of “The Wendy Williams Show,” which was canceled in June 2022.

Due to the former talk show host’s health issues and allegations that she was of “unsound mind,” Wells Fargo Bank froze her accounts, and she was placed under court-appointed guardianship.

The 58-year-old was paying her ex monthly alimony of $250,000 per month, which reportedly ended along with the show. However, Hunter alleged that he stopped receiving payments in February 2022.

Once they stopped, Hunter sued his ex-wife to regain alimony, noting that he had fallen behind on his car insurance, credit card bills, and more. A judge dismissed the case, but he is now being sued for allegedly refusing to pay a credit card bill, as Radar Online reported.

UBS Bank filed a civil suit on June 26, against the 50-year-old, who applied for a Visa Signature card back in 2014.

The suit states that “Defendant has failed to make the minimum monthly payments by the payment due date, as required by the Cardmember Agreement.”

UBS claims they notified Hunter that he owes a total of $20,176.83 plus attorney fees on Jan. 23 and again on March 1. However, the bank never received a payment.

But that’s not all he should be worried about. Court documents shared by YouTuber Chronicle Speaks reveal that Hunter was sued by the HOA for not paying his monthly $600 association fee for the Florida home he shared with Hudson. It states that the founder of Hunter Publishing Group owed $862.33 due to a “special assessment from 10/1/21 through 12/31/21.”

He was served with a summons, and a second summons was served to the “unknown spouse of Kelvin L. Hunter,” which is presumably Hudson.

The 3,425-square-foot lakefront home they shared is now reportedly being sold for just over $1.2 million and consists of five bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and an open-concept kitchen where Hudson filmed cooking videos for her vegan-chef business, Vegan Nose.

Other documents state that Hunter sold two luxury vehicles to a company called Flexwealth Inc., which allows you to take loans against luxury items and assets up to $10 million. One of the vehicles is a 2005 Ford GT, worth $140,000, which barely had 500 miles on it. Title records show the car is now in Idaho, but it’s unclear if Hunter is still the owner.

However, rumor has it, Hunter and Hudson have now parted ways, and he has removed most traces of her from his Instagram page. His most recent post from June 22 features an announcement about Hudson’s placement in a cooking competition, where she could win $25,000 and appear in Taste of Home magazine. She is currently in first place.

A week later, a fan commented under the post, writing, “Yasss!! Support your beautiful Queen love you guys!! You always have my support. F-ck the blogs…. YALL are forever winning!!” Hunter replied with three praying hand emojis.

Meanwhile, Hudson’s page features over 200 posts of herself and her vegan-cooked food. The couple’s 4-year-old daughter, Journee, can be heard in several videos explaining the food they are eating.

Williams’ fans shockingly are not surprised to hear the news about Hunter’s struggles. One individual shared a screenshot on Instagram of a report from OK! magazine that states that “Wendy has been smiling since she heard the news.”

Some fans believe this was his “karma” for cheating on Williams during their 21-year marriage.

“What goes around come around… u Wendy- blessings.”

“Karma has a way of working out.”

One individual said, “I don’t believe this because Wendy is away in treatment!” which prompted another to reply, “She can still be smiling from treatment. Imagine if while she’s on the road to recovery he’s on his way to the poor house. That would be poetic justice.”

One Twitter user added, “If ONLY he’d honored his vows OR Divorced her. KARMA is a BH!!”

Williams reportedly checked into a treatment facility last month amid her battle with alcoholism and claims from the former couple’s son, Kevin Hunter Jr., about his mother’s “fatal” drug abuse.

Kevin blames their strained relationship on her struggle to stay sober, noting that she was hospitalized back in May.

He also accused her former jeweler turned manager, Will Selby, and others of “taking advantage” of her, which Selby denied. It’s unclear if Williams is still in treatment or if she has been released.

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