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Wendy Williams’ Legal Guardian Asks Courts To Force Kevin Hunter to Repay Overpaid Spousal Support In Bombshell Filing Accusing Him Of Pocketing An Extra $112K

Kevin Hunter’s legal battle to secure financial stability at his ex-wife Wendy Williams‘ expense has grown more complicated.

Hunter has been pursuing two years of alimony after claiming his last payment of $37,000 was received in January 2022. His ex has been under a court-ordered conservatorship, allowing legal guardian Sabrina Morrissey to oversee her finances and medical care since May 2022.

Wendy Williams’ legal guardian accuses host’s ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, of pocketing an extra $112,000 in spousal support amid his legal battle seeking two years of marital severance pay. Photos: Thewendyexperiencepodcast/Instagram; Therealkelvinhunter/Instagram

Hunter filed a petition to receive severance payments per his and Williams’ divorce settlement agreement earlier this year, where he also demanded access to his ex’s financial records.

“This is an emergent matter because I rely on the severance pay for my living expenses, and having been without this income for twenty-three months has affected me greatly,” he wrote in the court order. A judge denied him access to her bank statements in March.

Morrissey recently filed documents alleging that the former “Wendy Williams Show” executive producer received six figures worth of unwarranted payments. She argues that the settlement stipulated that his support would be reduced if Williams’ income fell below an unspecified threshold, something she noted that took place when the entertainment veteran departed her show in 2021.

In February, public banter about the former New York radio host’s money woes and general well-being resumed when it was revealed that she was diagnosed with the neurodegenerative disease frontotemporal dementia and aphasia. The health issue impacts cognitive functions, leading to communication challenges and personality shifts.

“She continued to pay Mr. Hunter. He says in his motion papers… that he was paid through January of 2022… As a result, [Kevin] has been unjustly enriched by the receipt of $112,500 ($37,500 x 3 months) belonging to [Wendy],” said Morrissey, The U.S. Sun reported this week.

The guardian is asking the courts to order Hunter to return the payments and that a gag order be issued to prohibit him from speaking on the legal matter. In addition, she wants their financial circumstances to re-enter arbitration, which, if approved, would dismiss his recent petition.

The celebrity gossip aficionado and Hunter were married for 22 years when she filed for divorce amid rampant reports of his cheating and him impregnating his then-mistress, Sharina Hudson.

The failed union yielded them one child, son Kevin Hunter Jr. Prior to their divorce being finalized in January 2020, they settled on an interim agreement that reportedly included Williams paying $250,000 so that Hunter could secure a new living arrangements for himself, Hudson, and their daughter.

Around the time her medical hurdles were revealed, Lifetime premiered the controversial two-part documentary “Where Is Wendy Williams?” It shed some insight on the past two years of health and personal turmoil the former daytime talkshow host has endured.

A purported source claimed Hunter deemed the project as exploitative and that he advised their son not to participate. Kevin Jr., Williams’ sister Wanda, a niece, nephew, Blac Chyna, and business associates are present in the production.

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