‘The Lord Ain’t Through with Him’: T.I. Says Son King Harris Is Learning from His ‘Tumultuous’ Behavior, But He Will Always Have His Parents’ Support

Tip “T.I.” Harris wants the world to give his son, King Harris, a break, despite his recent “tumultuous” acts.

The 19-year-old grew up in the public eye and on the family reality television show “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” but his out-of-control behavior has caused some serious backlash for him and his parents.

Between King’s verbal spat against Waffle House employees, his arrest for an undisclosed issue, and enlisting a homeless man to partake in the spicy chip challenge for money, the aspiring rapper has managed to spark negative conversation in the blogs and on social media. 

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T.I. says son King is learning from his 'tumultuous' behavior.
T.I. says son King is learning from his ‘tumultuous’ behavior. ((Pictured: @the_next_king10/Instagram)

Despite the “Drip” lyricist’s back-to-back unfavored actions, his father claims he is learning from his mistakes every day. 

The 43-year-old recently spoke about King on an episode of the “We In Miami” podcast with host Slim Stunta Stunt Lifestyle, where he addressed some of the criticism.

“My son King … he’s a passionate young man,” Tip began. “He has some tumultuous times … but the Lord ain’t through with him yet!” 

The three-time Grammy winner then added that King is constantly improving behind closed doors. “He get better every day and learn from his mistakes the same way any of us did when we was that age.”

The “Whatever You Like” hitmaker even compared King to himself when he was around a similar age, saying, “He reminds me of myself at a time in my life where I made the most egregious mistakes I could ever make and I paid dearly for them.” 

While King may remind T.I. of his younger self, the “ATL” star noted that there is one vast difference between the two, which is the unconditional support King will forever receive from his family. 

“And that’s me, and his mama, you know what I’m saying,” Tip said. 

While T.I. points out that he and wife will offer undying support for their son, King recently disclosed that he lived under the same roof as his grandmother rather than his parents at one point. In an interview with comedian Funny Marco, King said he did not reside in the lavish home that was shown on their family show “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.”

“They’ll say ‘Hey, we shooting today we need y’all at the house.’ They’ll come get me from my grandma house and right after we done, when them cameras go off I’m right back at my grandma house,” he shared.

King’s reveal seemingly forced many social media users to pinpoint this as the reason behind his wild behavior. In the interview, he never specified which grandmother he lived with, but many believe it was Tiny’s mother, Dianne Cottle-Pope.

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