‘Sasha [Fierce] Don’t Know Them Kids’: Fans Call Out Beyoncé for Continuously Ignoring Youngest Daughter Rumi While Performing

A new video of Beyoncé seemingly ignoring her daughter’s wave while performing on stage has caused fans to believe that her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, had taken over her body.

The megastar closed out her highly anticipated “Renaissance World Tour” in Kansas City, Missouri, on Sunday, Oct. 1. The “Yoncé” singer can be seen performing her song “All Up In Your Mind” from her seventh studio album “RENAISSANCE.” 

A TikTok user who attended the concert managed to capture the beginning of Beyoncé’s performance, which showed the talented artist’s 6-year-old daughter, Rumi Carter, waving to her from the crowd. 

Despite the adorable youngster simply trying to get her mother’s attention, Beyoncé can be seen looking over her child with a straight face while she continues to sing.

“I captured the cutest little wave from Rumi to mama Beyonce at KS show,” the TikToker wrote as her caption. 

Fans say Beyoncé's alter ego took over her body after video footage shows her ignoring daughter Rumi's wave.
Fans say Beyoncé’s alter ego took over her body after video footage shows her ignoring daughter Rumi’s wave. (Pictured: Beyoncé and Rumi Carter @nikijobstsmith/TikTok)

The video found its way on X, where one fan wrote, “She didn’t pay her any attention im crying.” 

As the tweet continued to circulate, a few X users began to suggest that Beyoncé was no longer on stage and Sasha Fierce had entered the arena.

“Oh sasha don’t know them kids im crying,” another wrote. 

The previous tweet was then re-posted on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page, where several fans acknowledged how well Beyoncé refrained from “breaking character” to wave back at her youngest daughter.

“Beyoncé not breaking character for them kids iktr Queen.” 

“On the inside I know Beyonce wanted to wave back bad af.”

“My girl said baby I’m literally filming a whole a– movie right now. I got you once we stop filming. Love yeeww!”

“She seen her trust . But Beyoncé was tryna get footage for that last night . She couldn’t get distracted.” 

“That’s not Beyoncé that’s Sasha.”

This isn’t the first time the 46-year-old seemed to overlook her child in the crowd. In August, another audience member shared video footage of Rumi waving to Beyoncé while she performed the exact same song. The short clip was shared on Aug. 18 and possibly taken at her tour stop at Atlanta’s Mercedez-Benz Stadium.

Once again, the “Cadillac Records” actress wasn’t moved by her child’s gesture and proceeded to put on a memorable show for her sold-out audience. 

Though it appeared as if Rumi had been overlooked while her mother was “at work,” Beyoncé did acknowledge Rumi in the new movie trailer, “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé.”

The two-minute sneak peek, which dropped earlier this week, shows a quick glimpse of Rumi sitting on the ground stretching with her mother and older sister, Blue Ivy. The trailer also featured Rumi’s twin brother, Sir Carter, who Beyoncé can be seen kissing in one clip and later in another holding him as she rode a golf cart. 

Beyoncé and Jay-Z welcomed their twins in 2017, and since then, they have tried their best to keep the two out of the limelight. Her upcoming concert film is set to premiere in movie theaters on Friday, Dec. 1.

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