Five Times Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Daughter Blue Ivy Proved She ‘Wears the Pants In The Carter’ Household

Beyoncé may be known as Queen Bey, but it appears her firstborn daughter Blue Ivy Carter really runs their palace. 

Over the past few months, the 11-year-old made numerous headlines after joining her mother onstage for several performances during Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour. 

Blue Ivy almost cut up after Beyonce concert
Blue Ivy Carter joins her mother Beyoncé onstage at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, on July 29, 2023. (Photo: @beyonce/Instagram)

Though Carter’s impressive dance moves have garnered mass attention online, a recent video of her seemingly checking her grandmother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, prompted fans to deem her as her family’s manager. 

The video also caused social media users to dig up other moments of Carter giving her grandmother and mother instructions, to which they oblige! 

Here are the top five moments Blue Ivy Carter proved she’s in charge of her family’s household. 

1. “Another Video Again?” 

On Monday, Sept. 4, Mama Tina shared a video on her Instagram account that featured her getting a quick touch-up on her hair and makeup. In the quick clip, the 69-year-old can be heard shouting out her eldest daughter in celebration of her 42nd birthday. 

“The queen’s birthday, all hail to the queen,” Knowles-Lawson said. 

Carter’s voice can then be heard asking, “Grandma, are you making another video again?” right before Knowles-Carter ended the recording. 

2. “You’re Not Supposed to Take Videos.” 

In 2018, the Carters decided to take a trip to the ballet in Paris with Knowles-Lawson by their side. Of course, the House of Deréon founder couldn’t help but take a video of the breathtaking performance hall. 

As soon as Knowles-Lawson’s video began, little Carter’s voice can be heard informing her grandmother that capturing video footage isn’t allowed. 

“You’re not supposed to be taking videos, Grandmom, you’re not supposed to,” the then-6-year-old said. Although Carter found it appropriate to reiterate the rules, Knowles-Lawson’s video continued for a few more seconds before it was completely cut off. 

3. Blue Ivy Shushing Her Parents at the Grammys

Also in 2018, Blue accompanied her mother and father, Jay Z, to the 61st Grammy Awards. At one point in the show, former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello joined the stage to speak. 

While Bey and Jay were applauding the “Shameless” singer, Blue can be seen instructing her parents to stop clapping. The hilarious moment quickly became a highlight of the night and made fans certain that the superstars’ eldest daughter “wears the pants in the carter family.” 

4. Blue Ivy’s Seemingly Serious Conversation with Beyoncé While Sitting Courtside 

Fans were given a full view of the Carters enjoying the NBA All-Star Game back in 2017 after they were captured sitting courtside. The video also featured a stern Blue who was having a discussion about who knows what with the “Crazy in Love” singer. 

At first, Blue seemed stern as she pointed her tiny finger at her mother’s face. However, their conversation soon appeared to be lighthearted as the mother-and-daughter duo quickly burst into laughter. 

5. Blue Ivy Asks Tina Knowles-Lawson If She Can Swim 

Back in 2016, the fashion designer recorded herself on the side of a yacht. In the video, she can be heard considering whether to jump overboard. Before making her decision, 4-year-old Blue asked, “Do you know how to … do you really know how to swim?”

Knowles-Lawson broke out into laughter as she told her granddaughter, “Blue, don’t scare me.” 

Background voices can also be heard suggesting that Blue’s comment would make the fashionista “reconsider” her decision. 

In the end, Knowles-Lawson jumped off of the large boat and successfully floated in the water. 

Though she’s not even a teenager, Blue Ivy Carter proves that she’s a no-nonsense type of girl who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

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