‘He’s the Only One That Feels That Way’: Fans Beg to Differ After Diddy Claims Yung Miami Will Reach Oprah Winfrey Status

In a recent interview, Sean “Diddy” Combs voiced his belief that Yung Miami will reach similar goals that Oprah Winfrey has surpassed. 

Last month, the Bad Boys Record Label founder spoke with Billboard, where he named a few hip-hop stars he felt were on their way to becoming billionaires.  

Nipsey Hussle, to me, was that young Puff version,” the 53-year-old said. He also named “SICKO MODE” rapper Travis Scott, stating, “I can relate to how he’s diversifying his portfolio and really understanding how to take it to the next level.” 

The music mogul then added his “Shawty Wop” to the list.

“I also think Yung Miami [aka Caresha Brownlee] from the City Girls,” Diddy said. “She reminds me of Oprah with the endless possibilities that she has as far as her clothing line, television shows, performances, live podcast.” 

Diddy claims that Yung Miami will be a billionaire like Oprah Winfrey.
Diddy claims that Yung Miami will be a billionaire like Oprah Winfrey. (L) Diddy (Pictured: @diddy/Instagram) (R) Yung Miami (Pictured: @yungmiami305/Instagram)

He added, “I really respect both of their hustles and see them being able to break through.” 

In addition to being in a successful hip-hop rap group with her real-life best friend JT, aka Jatavia Johnson, Miami has several business ventures. In Summer 2022, she launched her new show, “Caresha Please,” which airs on Revolt TV. 

The mother of two also has her own clothing brand named after the popular show and her own card game, “Resha Roulette,” which creates scenarios for its participants to achieve. 

Though Miami’s various business moves are currently successful, many social media users seemed to still be doubtful about her potentially reaching Winfrey status. A few individuals expressed their doubt in The Neighborhood Talk’s comments section. 

“He’s the only one that feels that way.” 

“Lmao not Oprah. She’s needs speech therapy and etiquette classes before she reaches that status.” 

“Idk about Oprah level but she’s in her own lane…”

“Nice to speak highly of her but she is no way the next Oprah for all the hard work she put and things she gave away over the years.”

Despite critics’ opinions, there were a few individuals who appeared to be hopeful about Miami’s financial future.

“And he gone help her get there ! I know that’s right Miami.” 

“I believe it too. She hit the jackpot when she got with him because he has connections. And he wants to see her win genuinely.”

This isn’t the first time Miami and Winfrey have come up in the same conversation. Just last year, the “Act Up” lyricist shared her wish of someday becoming the next “Black Oprah” in several interviews.  

In July, the 29-year-old doubled down on her controversial comment on the “Drink Champs” podcast and even revealed what question she’d ask the philanthropist if they were to ever meet. 

“Never mind, I’mma just wait till Oprah get on the couch to ask her,” she exclaimed.

“The couch” Miami is referring to is the large sofa where guests on her show come to sit while she asks the most burning, and sometimes salacious questions. Meanwhile, Winfrey has remained silent about their recent comparisons.

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