The Game Takes Credit for Launching the Careers of Kendrick Lamar and Nipsey Hussle In Nightclub Rant

During his concert in Compton, California, on Sept. 26, The Game delivered a zealous rant where he took credit for launching the careers of rappers Kendrick Lamar and Nipsey Hussle

The “My Life” rapper took a break from his performance to remind the audience of his success — and that of Lamar and Hussle — as he held onto a bottle of what looked like a Cristal champagne.

The Game
The Game on Instagram (Photo: @losangelesconfidential/Instagram)

“I took them failures, I caught them bullets, I was in them shootouts, I stood behind them bars, n—a,” he said. “I had them kids, I showed y’all them kids, I put out them albums.”

The Game went on to say that he took Lamar on tour with him and helped Hussle get his start in the music world.

“N—a, I took Nipsey CD. Took it and put it in my pocket, n—a. I took Kendrick and took that n—a on tour when Kendrick was Jay Rock’s muthaf—king hype man, n—a. I put the West on my back, so when n—as say, ‘I’m him,’ no you not. I’m him, n—a!”

HipHopDX shared a clip of the video on X, the platform formally known as Twitter, with the caption, “The Game takes credit for Kendrick Lamar & Nipsey Hussle’s success in nightclub rant.”

Fans reacted to the rant on X with mixed reactions.

“Bro stopped the vibes in the club to vent. I would be so tight if i was in that venue,” noted one fan.

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“He really did do that though,” said another.

“bro too deep in his feelings,” added someone else.

“I mean it seems corny how he going bout it but he did do all that. It’s not a stretch,” replied another.

The “How We Do” rapper reportedly was given Hussle’s C.D. off the street and ended up having the late artist tour with him, according to HipHopDX.

“Rolled down my window 12 years ago on Crenshaw & Slauson as you handed me your demo & said ‘Chuck, don’t frisbee my s—t homie… give a young n—a an ear,’” he wrote on Instagram. “From that day to letting you open up for me on tour & us going around the world together, creating a bond & watching your growth to today.”

The Game also said he developed a close relationship with Lamar at the beginning of his career, and invited him to tour with him.

“I was there, early Kendrick, I was there in Top Dawg’s crib, in the studio, in the basement,” he said. “Watching him, watching this flower grow. So Kendrick is always going to be one of my favorites. Again, one of those big brother-little brother relationships.”

Lamar followed his 2011 debut “Section 80” by touring with The Game, Drake and Wiz Khalifa. Hussle skyrocketed to fame after the release of his mixtape “The Marathon” in 2010, years before being murdered in front of his Los Angeles clothing store in 2019.

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