‘Where’s That Tyrese Energy at?’: Diddy Puts DJ Envy on Blast for Asking If His ‘Shawty Wop’ Yung Miami Is Pregnant

Hip-hop mogul Diddy recently dropped his new R&B album, “The Love Album: Off The Grid,” and fans are loving it.

But during an appearance on “The Breakfast Club” last month to promote the project, DJ Envy asked about his girlfriend, City Girls rapper Yung Miami. The two have been dating for about two years, and he even calls her his “Shawty Wop.”

Diddy and Yung Miami
Diddy and Yung Miami.(Photo:@diddy/Instagram and Photo:@yungmiami305/Instagram)

“Now after the VMAs, there was rumors that Yung Miami was pregnant. She played into it,” Envy said. “Are the rumors true?”

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Diddy was taken aback at first, but then he played it off. He said the rapper, born Caresha Brownlee, likes to keep the press and her fans spinning with the rumors, like when a fan asked her “If you got pregnant by Diddy would you keep it?” and the Florida rap star answered with one word that sent the blogs into a frenzy: “Yeah.”

“Caresha be throwing yall for a spin. Caresha be having fun,” Diddy snickered. “It be like a video game to her.”

Envy, after calling Diddy a “stroker,” said, “We just asking,” and coyly shrugged.

It was at this point that the Bad Boy head honcho checked the host, noting that Envy was throwing stones from a glass house.

“… Is your wife pregnant?” Diddy asked with some added bass in his voice. “I’mma tell you straight up. You be the craziest one asking about somebody’s girl or personal joint, but nobody even can say nothing to you about nothing.”

“Eh, yo, playboy,” the “Act Bad” artist continued, “I don’t talk about my relationships with nobody like that,” possibly referencing how Envy and his wife confided in Tyrese, one of Diddy’s friends who helped them salvage their relationship.

The allusion here is that Envy discussed Tyrese’s trouble with his ex-wife but claimed he cut the singer off for sending flirtatious text messages to Envy’s wife. The “Sweet Lady” vocalist accused Envy of gaslighting him over the issue about his wife and manipulating the whole story.

Defensively, Envy told Diddy he doesn’t mind if people ask him questions but just doesn’t want people to “disrespect” his wife — a nod to the most recent controversy he has going on with “Fast X” actor.

With his chest puffed up, Diddy told Envy he would never ask those types of questions because they are so personal.

“It’s not my business. I’m not thinking of you and another woman,” he said.

The energy in the room escalated as Envy tried to justify how his inquiries were not as bad as when people tried to come for him and his wife. As he turned red and flustered, Charlamagne Tha God teased his co-host calling his fit “beige rage.”

Fans recognized the “beige rage” and chimed in online.

“The beige rage is sending me.”

“But Diddy was 100 tho! Real ninjas not discussing their girl to the next man. These men need to hear it from their own kind cus that’s lil boy games esp online!”

“Where’s that Tyrese energy at? oh i forgot, he know Diddy got the power to eliminate humans.”

“I usually don’t like diddy but he ain’t wrong in this cause envy been REEEEEEEEEEAL sassy lately. Like, you quick to say something about other women but let somebody say something bout Gia…”

“Man Diddy meant that s—t and it was the truth Envy always asking all the ignorant ass questions about peoples girls wives and can’t nobody say sh-t about his wife. He be all in his godd-mn feelings if somebody say some sh-t about his wife or kids or family or any of that.”

Diddy and Envy patched it up by the end of the interview, but fans are sure that the radio host walked away with food for thought.

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