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‘LAWD Let That Hurt Go Tyrese’: Singer Claims DJ Envy Cheated on His Wife with Up to 10 Women, Calls Him a ‘Gaslighter’ and ‘Manipulator’ In New Rant

The drama between Tyrese Gibson, DJ Envy and DJ Envy‘s wife Gia Casey continues, as the singer once again has taken to social media to fan the flames.

At the time of this posting, the “Baby Boy” actor has rolled out four additional posts aimed at the record producer, accusing him of “attacking his character.” 

Tyrese Gibson calls out DJ Envy after he's accused of disrespecting Envy's wife.
Tyrese Gibson calls out DJ Envy after he’s accused of disrespecting Envy’s wife. (L) Tyrese Gibson (Pictured: @tyrese/Instagram) (R) DJ Envy and Gia Casey (Pictured: @gia_casey/ Instagram)

In part one, Gibson responded to DJ Envy’s “disrespectful” accusations, suggesting that he never said anything inappropriate to Envy or his family. He even went as far as accusing the “Hardaway” artist of being the one who made a mockery of his wife by stepping out on her.

“No one has violated and disrespected the s–t out of your first lady and your family more than you,” he said. 

Envy has been vocal about being guilty of infidelity to his wife of almost two decades. In 2013, he admitted to stepping out on Casey with “Love and Hip Hop” star Erica Mena. 

In an attempt to help Envy win his wife back, Gibson acted as a mediator during their rough patch. However, he felt as if the effort wasn’t reciprocated when he faced marital issues with his now ex-wife, Samantha Lee. 

The two men attempted to talk things out on a recent episode of “The Breakfast Club,” which aired on Sept. 7, but tensions rose and things quickly turned confrontational

In the since-deleted video, Tyrese states he was “asked to leave it alone,” before suggesting that those close to him advised him to take the high road.

“Wasn’t gonna do this…. I’ve wrestled, it’s gloves off…. @DJENVY you wanted to go viral….. Enjoy…. Part1,” Gibson wrote over his blacked-out video. 

In his extensive caption, the father of two placed the ball in Envy’s court, writing, “You decide on your own what level we’re gonna take it to from here…. I want all the smoke beige n—a.” 

The second part of Gibson’s four-part upload included him crediting Casey for sticking beside Envy through thick and thin. He then called “The Breakfast Club” host a “manipulator” and “gaslighter” for finding ways to sneakily cheat on his wife without leaving a trace of evidence. 

“You can’t say you ain’t got a real wife who really got your back because she’s still with you,” ranted Tyrese. “The Ponzi scheme, stealing all this money from all these innocent people, that ain’t got sh–t to do with me. What you did behind her back with the one, the two, the 10, that ain’t got nothing to do with me. You’re a manipulator. You’re a gaslighter. You’re also one of those great undiscovered actors.”

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“Part 2 DJ Envy….. S–t is about to get a little rough f–k boy,” read his caption. 

In “Prt4” of his rant, Gibson addressed Envy’s threat of boxing him in the mouth for reportedly speaking rudely to Casey. 

He said “I’ll never let another n—a violate my character, put words in my mouth, or paint a picture. Manipulating, gaslighting, and putting me in this light for something that I never did.” 

Gibson’s name-calling continued as he described Envy as a “goofy” and “foul” man who only cares about himself. 

“Until I take my last breath, maybe it’s the Capricorn in me. I’ll never let a n—ga violate my character or put words in my mouth,” said Gibson.

The singer removed all of the harsh posts from his Instagram feed on Friday, Sept. 15, however, The Neighborhood Talk managed to snag a message that was shared on his Instagram story before it was wiped away. 

In the message, Gibson apologized to anyone he “let down from addressing this,” but also noted that he had been silent for six years. He also posed the question to viewers, asking why Envy was still in contact with him if he disrespected Casey.

“And we’ve all been in touch this whole time,” he claimed. 

Several commenters underneath the post appeared to be tired of Gibson’s constant cries and urged him to take a look inward at some of his actions. 

“Tyrese is exhausting and anyone who can’t see what he doing just cuz they don’t like Envy is… Nvm anywho.”

“Tyrese been the problem. He’s always the common denominator.” 

“Jesus Tyrese SHUT UP damn.” 

“Tyrese lack accountability is showing that it wasn’t his meds but it was indeed him.” 

“LAWD let that hurt go Tyrese.” 

Envy and Casey seem to be unbothered by Gibson’s recent outbursts for neither one of them publicly has addressed his claims.


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