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‘It Might Be Fatal’: Wendy Williams’ Son Kevin Hunter Jr. Says Her Alcohol Consumption Is Unlike That of a ‘Normal Person,’ Blames Her Team for ‘Taking Advantage’ of the Talk Show Host as She Struggles to Stop Drinking

Wendy Williams‘ only son, Kevin Hunter Jr., is seriously concerned about his mother’s welfare and well-being due to her severe alcoholism.

The 22-year-old detailed the former talk show host’s ongoing health issues as well as her substance abuse in a recent interview for the first time ever. He believes she’s become an easy target for people to “take advantage of,” noting that her mental and physical health have been at risk since she was placed under guardianship.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - AUGUST 20: Kevin Hunter Jr. (L) and Wendy Williams attend the Jeezy "TM 104" Listening Party at Up & Down on August 20, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)
Kevin Hunter Jr. and Wendy Williams attend the Jeezy “TM 104” Listening Party at Up & Down on Aug. 20, 2019, in New York City. (Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

“I know there are all sorts of things happening that I know in her right mind she would never agree to,” he told The Sun. 

Kevin shared that he has attended several medical appointments with his mom, who suffers from Graves’ disease. He said he watched Wendy’s health decline when he lived with her in Florida from late 2021 to the spring of 2022. But things have reportedly gotten so bad that the 58-year-old was hospitalized last month in New York.

He said he found out after Will Selby, Wendy’s jeweler-turned-manager, called him for the first time since the end of last year. He claims no one informed him that his mom had checked out of the hospital.  

“I know the rate that she uses alcohol isn’t like a normal person — and we’ve spoken about it,” Kevin told the outlet. “I’ve said ‘This is one thing where you don’t know how to approach it normally, and that’s fine.’”

He continued, “And it’s gotten to a point where, yes, it could have that effect that it might be fatal because it affects her way worse than a normal person since it stays in her system.”

In August 2022, the former host of “The Wendy Williams Show” entered a rehab facility in Malibu where she stayed for three months for her alcoholism. 

Kevin alleges he was told that his mom signed contracts during that time for various work opportunities set up by her former jeweler. He grew even more suspicious after finding out she was agreeing to things “she shouldn’t have.”

Wendy checked into rehab months after her long-running talk show series was canceled indefinitely. In the aftermath his mom of losing her hefty television salary, Kevin was evicted from the $2 million Miami apartment he resided in.

And despite completing rehab, Wendy was reportedly spotted drinking at a bar with friends in March of this year. The college student believes his mother’s current team is doing more damage than good when it comes to helping her stay sober.

“If they aren’t providing it, they are definitely enabling a type of personality and giving her the green light to drink,” said Kevin.

“I never want to shame anybody, but in terms of asking if that person is there so that my mom can be the healthiest person and have a long career, stuff like that, they aren’t in it for that.”

He went on to reveal that he turned down two offers to be a part of the scripted series Wendy was seen filming with her brother Tommy and father over Easter weekend.  

The beloved radio personality financially supported her son until guardianship was given to a woman named Sabrina Morrissey in May 2022. Wells Fargo froze Wendy’s assets due to suspicions that she was unable to manage her own finances.

“I don’t feel like Sabrina has done a great job at all,” said Wendy’s son. “I think that, based on her actions, I’d have to assume something is going on that she’s not telling me.”

The iconic host claims she lost millions after her former financial adviser, Lori Schiller, suggested she was “of unsound mind” to govern the large amounts of money in her accounts. Kevin is afraid of the people his mom has been surrounding herself, but he has high hopes that she will one day reach a healthier state. 

“I’m praying that whoever is in control now doesn’t ruin whatever hope there is for her to get back up again,” he exclaimed.

As Kevin’s interview circulated around the internet, fans expressed how sad they were for both him and Wendy and the people “taking advantage” of her.

“I feel so sad for both mom and son. Addiction is bad. Poor boy.”

“A jeweler as the one in control still doesn’t sit well with me!”

“It’s really saddening and ashamed that the people around wendy williams are taking advantage and profiting off of her but I’m happy that her son is speaking out for the first time about the situation.”

As a result of her health challenges, Wendy took a slight leave of absence from her former daytime talk show. The more time she stayed away from the long-running series the more guest hosts were brought in to sit in her place. Show producers reportedly were aware of her addiction and chose not to support her “recovery” efforts.

“The Wendy Williams Show” aired its final episode without Williams in June 2022. In the months since then, Wendy and Selby have been promoting her next project, “The Wendy Experience” podcast, which has yet to come to fruition. There was speculation the podcast was canceled before it even launched, which Selby denied. Not much has been revealed about her upcoming reality series.

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