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Wendy Williams Reportedly Responds to Reports That Her Son Was Evicted from His $2M Apartment in Miami

Reports are circulating online that Wendy Williams‘ son,  Kevin Hunter Jr., was recently evicted from his $2 million apartment because his mom lost her income from her show.

The U.S. Sun reports it has obtained documents showing the only child of the talk show host is being sued for $70,000 in back rent. The suit shows Wendy paid her son’s rent for a full year in advance, as noted in the eviction suit filed in August. For the lease which started in March 2021 and ended in February 2022, she paid over $100,000, in addition to the security deposit and other fees. However, Kevin failed to hold up his end of the bargain by taking over the payments when the lease was up.

Wendy Williams Reportedly Responds to Reports That Her Son Was Evicted from His M Apartment in Miami
Shirley Williams poses with her daughter Wendy Williams and her grandson Kevin Hunter Jr. (Photo: @topfloor_kev/Instagram)

Wendy’s publicist, Shawn Zanotti, challenged the claim that Kevin’s eviction had anything to do with her financial struggles over the past year. He claimed to The Neighborhood Talk that she is under conservatorship, which means the 54-year-old also cannot release any funds without approval.

“At this point, Wendy is under a conservatorship that was ordered by a federal New York judge,” wrote Zanotti in a statement shared by DeAsia Robinson. “All expenses must be cleared by her guardian via the courts. There is a process where her expenses have to go through being verified and cleared before being paid.”

Zanotti suggested that the process of approval likely prevented Williams from making payments on time.

“Wendy’s hands are tied, and there is really nothing she can do right now,” she explained. “It’s a process that tends to go beyond the deadline of certain invoices. She, honestly, can’t do anything about that. It’s really sad how some outlets take headlines and misconstrue information just to get clicks and likes.”

This news comes a week after Williams’ ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, filed to resume the alimony checks he was granted in the divorce. He took accountability in the demise of his 22-year marriage after he began an affair with another woman and got her pregnant. In his suit, Hunter claimed he was struggling to make ends meet and stopped receiving alimony in October 2021.

Williams responded to Hunter’s allegations with documents showing she lost her multi-million salary around the same time. The 54-year-old stopped receiving her normal salary weeks after she missed her first of many appearances on “The Wendy Williams Show.” In the midst of battling health issue and having her assets frozen by Wells Fargo, the long-running series was cancelled indefinitely. Meanwhile, Williams endured a few stints in rehab for alcohol and substance abuse.

Ultimately, Williams was given a financial guardian to monitor her funds. She was expected to gain access in July, but the following month her son was accused of charging $100,000 to a Williams account.

In August, Kevin Jr. disputed reports that he charged the amount to his mother’s main brokerage account — the same one shut down at the top of the year and sending her into a downward spiral defending her mental health.

In an effort to make money, the former daytime television host has been dropping hints about releasing “The Wendy Experience Podcast” for months. The idea came from her manager, Will Selby, who helped her collect memorabilia from the show she launched in 2008.

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