‘What the Heck Is Going on’: Wendy Williams’ Brother Slams Troubled Host for Showing Up at Family Gathering with Film Crew Amid Rumors About Her Podcast Being Canceled

Wendy Williams reunited with her father, Thomas Wiliams, and her brother, Tommy Williams Jr., over the weekend, following recent claims that Williams has been absent from family events. 

In an Instagram post shared on Tommy’s page, the former daytime talk show host was seen beside her father as her brother recorded the three of them enjoying the fresh breeze of the Miami, Florida, air. 

Wendy Williams Tommy Williams
(Left): Wendy Williams (Pictured: @therealwendywilliamsonline/Instagram) (Right): Tommy Williams Jr. and Tommy Williams (Pictured: @tommywilliams06/Instagram)

According to The Sun, Williams met with her family while filming took place for a planned reality show.

“Family is everything, believe that,” Tommy said, as soothing music played in the background. 

He continued, “We gon’ be all right. Thanks for the prayers and well-wishes.”

Tommy previously outed his big sister for missing their father’s 92nd birthday celebration and said that Wendy hasn’t made time to see her family since she was released from an alcohol abuse facility last October.

While it appears as if Williams finally set aside time for her relatives, Tommy, it seems, wasn’t fond of the idea that she didn’t come alone. 

In a live-stream video created on April 10, the 54-year-old revealed that a production crew accompanied Williams on the boat for Easter weekend.

“We’re over there doing some taping,” he said, laughing. “We’re over there taping on the boat right, production crew all around.” 

Although Tommy noted that quality family time was a “much-needed” act for them, he slammed the production crew’s attendance, saying that having several cameras placed in his personal space was not something he enjoyed.

“A bunch of cameras shoved in your face, that’s not my style. You know, or my dad’s style,” he added. 

He also explained wanting to know more information on Williams’ upcoming potential show since he and his father allowed production to join their mini vacation without being made aware of their presence in advance. 

“So, I’d like to find out what the heck is going on, where’re things going now that we got the lens all occupied on my space,” Tommy said, “And my dad’s space, it’d be nice to know where things are moving, you know. I’m just saying.” 

This news comes nearly a week after reports that Williams was selling all of her belongings in New York, including her iconic purple chair from “The Wendy Williams Show,” and moving to Los Angeles.

As previously reported, in late March, stories circulated around Williams reportedly canceling her highly anticipated podcast “The Wendy Experience.”

“The Wendy Experience” was supposedly the next venture for the 58-year-old after her popular talk show “The Wendy Williams Show” was terminated in June 2022 and replaced with Sherri Shepherd’s daytime show, “Sherri.” Since then, Williams has battled with health and financial issues, as well as scolding from her family in the media.

And despite reports, Williams’ publicist Shawn Zanotti recently told “Entertainment Tonight” that “There has been no official cancellation of the podcast.”

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