‘Lots More Wendy Stuff’: Wendy Williams Spotted Walking Out of Facility After Rumors of Her Being Confined to a Wheelchair

Talk show host Wendy Williams has turned up in a video released this week that apparently depicts her leaving a Miami health care facility in Miami.

Wednesday’s video emerged against the backdrop of weeks of rumors of the deterioration of Williams’ health and career. Williams seemed fine enough to walk and was questioned by a photographer following her to her car and asking about her show being “canceled.” 

Wendy Williams is seen leaving a health center in Miami, assisted by her driver, while a photographer questions her about her show being “canceled.”
(Photo: @TheShadeRoom/Instagram)

Williams was barefoot and clad in a bright red Versace robe and being assisted to a waiting black SUV. Her driver escorted her on his arm while another woman walked along with her. 

The photographer shooting video of her asked if she is sad that her show is being canceled. Williams ignored the question and proceeded to her vehicle, where her driver helped her get into the back seat of the car. 

The questioner asked, “Is your recovery going OK? Because everyone is really concerned.” To which Williams replied, “Wendy is doing fabulous.” As the driver was about to close the door, her interlocutor asked, “Any more words for the fans?” Williams took a second to think and then quickly said, “Um, lots more Wendy stuff.”

This all comes on the heels of a whirlwind of rumors surrounding Williams and if she will be returning to host her show. Evidently, her divorce from Kevin Hunter and losing her mother, Shirley Williams, added to her stress amid her rehabilitation

Another rumor that is circulating is that “The Wendy Williams Show” is canceled, but it isn’t. Instead, there are temporary guest hosts keeping the show going. When Sherri Shepherd hosted one week, the ratings went up 32 percent. The worry could be that the network executives could rebrand and replace Williams with Shepherd instead. 

Shepherd will be guest hosting again during the week of Dec. 13-17. In the meantime, Williams is headed home to complete her rehabilitation until she will be ready to return to work, but whether it will be “The Wendy Williams Show” is still unclear. 

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