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‘Someone Please Save Her from Whoever This New ‘Manager’ Is’: Wendy Williams Fans Are Concerned After Watching a Promo Video for Her New Podcast

Fans are scratching their heads after watching the latest promo video for Wendy Williams new podcast, “The Wendy Experience.” The talk show veteran has been dropping hints and teasers about her future in the industry after “The Wendy Williams Show” she hosted for years ended in June of this year.

The decision was made after months of rotating guests hosts included Sherri Shepherd, who ended up with her own her talk show. After receiving less the farewell that she and others felt she deserved after 13 years, Williams is moving on to make her coins with podcasting.

?They Gave You Yo Money Back Girl?: Wendy Williams Fans Hilariously React to Video of Talk Show Host Shopping In High-end Stores
Wendy Williams spends the day luxury shopping while wearing a Fendi print dress. (Photo: @thewendyexperience/Instagram.)

On Tuesday, Aug. 9, a promo video was shared on the podcast’s Instagram page, announcing her triumphant return. “Co-hosts, I’m famous, and I’ll be back. Trust me,” said Williams in the short clip before Ma$e‘s “Welcome Back” began playing in the background.

She continued in the caption, “TRUST ME, I will be BACK!.” She added the hashtags #wendyexperiencepodcast #welcome #back #stay #positive #cohost #nyc.

The video closed with an image of “The Wendy Experience” logo. Yet, fans were more concerned with the 58-year-old’s appearance. The former radio DJ, who suffers from Graves’ disease and lymphedema, appeared with a face full of makeup and pink blush on her cheeks. Some say she didn’t look her best in the video while others expressed she was forced to do it.

“So concerning,” wrote one person in the comments, while another said, “She seems different. Hope she’s ok.” A third added, “Get well 1st!!! That’s the most important thing.”

Despite her appearance, fans are still thrilled about Williams’ podcast, which is executive produced by her manager, Will Selby. She often credits Selby as the person who introduced her to the podcast game, as previously reported.

During a phone conversation with Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee on Wednesday, Aug.3., she expressed that Selby was not happy she revealed the news that, according to her, she married an NYPD officer named Henry. Fans believe Selby wrote the scripted promo video, causing many to raise concerns about his managerial duties.

“We need you, Wendy.”

“Can’t wait for the podcast.”

“Ugh can we make sure the manager isn’t taking advantage of her. This whole vibe & her with these scripted lines doesn’t sit well with my spirit.”

“Someone please save her from whoever this new ‘manager’ is. I love her too much.”

“Is this legit the marketing for the podcast? It’s so low budget.”

Fans also expressed concern about another viral video of Williams on the streets of New York City on Tuesday, Aug. 9. The Sun’s paparazzi caught the troubled host looking frail and confused as she walked over to her car from an apartment building.

“Well, my American Express is broken, so I gotta take care of that,” Williams said, referring to her bank accounts that had been frozen earlier this year. In May, she was appointed a “financial guardian” after filing a lawsuit against Wells Fargo Bank for denying her access to her assets.

Later in the clip, the mother of one can be heard saying, “Where am I going? This is not where I’m flying…I apologize. How do I look? Sexy?”

The man behind the camera agreed and offered her a compliment. She flirtatiously replied, “Thank you,” and began posing for the camera. “Clearly I look 30,” she added before going inside.

Williams went out to meet her manager, Selby, asking, “Where are we going?” The two headed back toward the door, but only Williams went inside. Shortly afterward, she came back, smiling before she reached for Selby’s arm. Another man dressed in black was called over to escort her back to the car.

Some fans describe Selby as an opportunist taking advantage of Williams. A few brought up his other line of work as a jewelry dealer to the stars.

One person tweeted, “Imma say this…that jeweler dude who’s Wendy Williams manager needs to be removed. We can see he’s a snake and he’s using Wendy for a come up.”

Another said, “Not a fan of Wendy Williams… But to see her like this is heartbreaking… Sending real pics prayers up for her.”

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