‘Riding the Petty Bus I See’: Tiffany Haddish’s Valentine’s Day Prediction Derails When Fans Bring Up Common 

Tiffany Haddish‘s decision to partake in an Instagram Valentine’s Day filter on Feb. 7 takes an unexpected turn after fans mention her ex, Common.

Haddish and Common, who met on the set of 2019’s “The Kitchen,” reportedly split in November 2021 after dating for over a year. Sources allegedly close to the former couple claimed that busy schedules played a part in the pair’s demise. 

Tiffany Haddish’s fans bring up the actress’ ex when she participates in a Valentine’s Day filter. @tiffanyhaddish/Instagram

Following the breakup announcement published in People magazine, the “Blue Sky” emcee confirmed the sources’ reports while mentioning that he and Haddish mutually agreed to go their separate ways. Haddish ultimately hit back at Common’s statements in a December interview

In the captionless Instagram post, the “Girl’s Trip” star is repeatedly seen singing the phrase “What’s gonna happen for the Valentine’s Day?” as she patiently waits for her prediction. When the Valentine’s Day filter landed on the words your favorite rapper will kiss you, Haddish responded while laughing, “Tupac’s coming back to life.” 

As fans began to view the star’s upload, many brought up Common in Haddish’s comment section. An individual went as far as to create a pun with the rapper’s stage name.

“You know it’s Common.”

“Sis didn’t give the Common answer.”

“Not Pac the other one, Common.”

“Now you know damn well it’s @common.”

“Well Common is a rapper.”

In addition to the Common remarks, others claimed that Haddish was being petty by listing Tupac as her favorite rapper rather than her ex. One wrote, “Lol, I can’t sis that’s petty lmao.” Another said, “Riding the petty bus I see.” 

A third Instagram user stated, “Somebody said Petty? Yep, that’s my middle name.” This isn’t the first time Haddish has cryptically thrown shots at her ex. During a getaway trip to Colombia in December, the comedian claimed she spotted a Common look-alike in the club. 

She said alongside an image of herself and the unidentified man, “Does anyone know who this guy is? I met him in Colombia, and I can’t remember his name. He just looks so Common.” 

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