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‘I Was Not Expecting That at All’: Tiffany Haddish Shares Details Regarding Her DUI Arrest

Tiffany Haddish opened up about her recent DUI arrest while virtually appearing on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” 

The “Girls Trip” star was arrested under suspicion of DUI in Fayette County, Georgia, on Jan. 14, after Peachtree City Police Department officers received a 911 call about a driver falling asleep behind the wheel. 

Tiffany Haddish opens up about her recent DUI arrest while virtually appearing on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Photo:@thetonightshowstarringjimmyfallon/YouTube

Haddish, suspected of being under the influence of marijuana, was charged with a DUI and improper stopping on a roadway. The 42-year-old was ultimately released after paying a bond of $1,666.

During Haddish’s Jan. 25 interview, when Fallon asked about the incident, the actress joked, while briefly referencing her ex, Common, “I can say this, Jimmy. I’ve been praying to God to send me a new man. A good man. And God went ahead and sent me four in a uniform. I wasn’t expecting it. I was not expecting that at all.”

She wrapped up that statement by saying, “And now I got a really great lawyer, and we’re going to work it out. I’ve got to get my asking of things to God a little better!” The conversation then shifted to the losses Haddish endured prior to her arrest, including the deaths of close friend Bob Saget and her grandmother.

Haddish said, while remembering the “Full House” star, “Bob Saget was like a big mentor to me, a big brother, a father figure. He meant a lot to me…Funny man. He was the first white man to ever tell me, ‘Just be yourself, just be who you are, Tiffany. Don’t worry about nothing. Just be you.’ That was huge for me.”

The actress also opened up about the loss of her grandmother, whom she called her “soulmate.” “And then, my grandma passed away, and she saved my life. That’s my heart. She was like my soulmate. So that’s been… really hard to process, all this… Grief.”

The “Night School” star later shared on the show that she plans to do a comedy special around grief to help herself and others “figure out how to process it all.”

No additional details regarding Haddish’s DUI case have yet to be released.

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