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‘Glad He’s Claiming His Son Again’: Bow Wow Fans Respond to the Rapper’s Answer to This Twitter Question

Bow Wow surprised fans on Feb. 4 after claiming his 1-year-old son, Stone Moss,6 during a Twitter Q&A session. 

The “Like You” emcee’s acknowledgment comes months after he publicly disowned the toddler in separate Twitter posts uploaded last year. Bow Wow, who shares Stone with model Olivia Sky, was proven to be the child’s biological father in October 2021. 

Bow Wow claims his son after publicly disowning the 1-year-old during a Q&A session on Twitter. Photo:@shadmoss/Instagram

In the tweet, the 34-year-old responded to a fan’s question about his plans for the weekend. Bow Wow stated that he would spend time with his son, Stone, relax and work, despite having previous plans to go to Las Vegas.

He wrote, “Was vegas. Don’t think I’m doing that … I’ll work and chill. Spend time w my son and relax. And work some more.” In another Twitter post shared shortly afterward, the rapper replied to a different fan that questioned him about a particular individual he couldn’t “live without.”

The said tweet read, “who’s the one person you can’t live without?” Bow Wow replied he couldn’t live without was his 10-year-old daughter, Shai Moss, and his son, Stone. He wrote, “Shai and my lil man. It’s more than 1. Actually more than 2.”

As Bow Wow’s posts began circulating on social media blogs, many fans mentioned how happy they were to hear the rapper was “claiming” his son again.

“Glad he’s claiming his son again.”

“Good he’s acknowledging him.”

“I see he’s back to claiming his son again! he better keep it that way!”

“Aww he claiming his son again.”

In addition to the “claim” remarks, others expressed that the possible reason behind Bow Wow publicly disowning his son could stem from his relationship with the mother of his child. One wrote, “He’s a great father to Shai, I’m sure he’ll do the same for the baby boy. He needs to get the relationship with the mom together, it’s clearly issues between them.”

Another said, “Maybe we should just mind our business cuz clearly him and his bm got some toxic s–t going on.”

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