‘It Be Your Own BD’: Rick Ross’s Ex’s Sexy Video Goes Left After He Tells Her to ‘Sit Down’

Briana Camille‘s fashion post seemingly got derailed on Feb. 2 after her ex and the father of her three children Rick Ross left a specific message in her comments section. 

The former couple began dating in 2016, and ended their relationship in 2020, before the birth of their youngest child, Bliss Roberts. 

Briana Camille’s sexy video derails when fans focus on her ex Rick Ross’ “sit down” comment. Photo:@therealbrianacamille/Instagram

In the Instagram upload, Camille, who wore a leopard bodysuit, a black jacket and high heels, is seen modeling the ensemble as she walks up a staircase to Nate Dogg and Warren G’s 1998 track “Nobody Does It Better.” 

Immediately following her post, Ross wrote, “Girl sit down.” As his remarks circulated on social media blog sites, many fans generally mentioned how women’s former partners and the father of their children are “the biggest haters.” 

Rick Ross comments on his ex Briana Camille’s fashion video. Photo:@therealbrianacamille/Instagram

“Just like a baby daddy lol.”

“Baby daddies be our biggest haters!!”

“One thing about it, them baby daddies gone be your worst hater.”

“It be yo baby daddy that hate the hardest though.”

“It be your own BD.”

In addition to the remarks about Ross’ “sit down” comment, others claimed that the reason why the rapper even responded was because of how good Camille looked. One wrote, “Men be the BIGGEST hatersss, when really he trynna say she looks good.” Another said, “He know she looking good lol.”

A third person stated, “The baby daddy always hating especially when you look good.”

Ross’ social media interaction with his ex came months after Camille released a trailer to her reality series “Getting Back to Bri,” which showcased the ongoing drama between the former couple, including child support payments and her alleged battle with postpartum depression. 

Camille is seen disclosing to her makeup artist her inability to bond with her children in a clip. She said, “Maybe I could have possibly been going through postpartum with Billion. I really don’t want to be bothered with my kids right now. Like, I don’t know. I should be wanting to bond with the baby, but it’s like, I just really can’t.”

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