‘He Forgot His Son Again?’: Bow Wow’s Reason for Not Getting Married Derails When He Mentions His Daughter and Not His Son 

Bow Wow‘s Q&A session got sidetracked on Dec. 2 after fans called out him for not acknowledging his son, 1-year-old Stone Moss. 

The rapper, who shares Stone with model Olivia Sky, previously disowned the infant on Twitter in September. He was ultimately proven to be the child’s biological father the following month. Bow Wow also has a 10-year-old daughter named Shai Moss with dancer and entrepreneur Joie Chavis.

Bow Wow’s Q&A session goes left after fans call the rapper out for failing to acknowledge his son in a tweet when talking about his daughter Shai Moss. Photo: @shadmoss/Instagram

During the Q&A, Bow Wow was asked personal and career questions from fans. Things began to take a turn after the “Let Me Hold You” lyricist responded to Twitter user @shareesassy’s post. The tweet stated that the person agreed with Bow Wow’s decision not to have more children or get married. 

That social media user wrote, “I’m with Bow Wow on this. No to marriage and more babies. Just enjoy life while you can. PERIOD!” This tweet was in reference to another conversation the star had with a different individual when he sought advice on what to do after completing the Millennium Tour days before. 

In response, Bow Wow reposted the tweet and wrote, despite not wanting to get married, he doesn’t judge those who decide to take that next step in their relationship. “I have nothing against folks who get married. Its just i know myself and that life is not the life for me. My life is perfect the way it is.”

When a Twitter user named @mamathickums8 asked the 34-year-old why he didn’t want to get married, Bow Wow stated because he liked his “peace.” While mentioning how he enjoys spending his money on his daughter, Bow Wow said, “Just not my thing. I like my peace. I like my space. I like spending my money on me and my daughter. I haven’t had a headache in 3 years.”

As his tweets went viral, several people pointed out how Bow Wow failed to mention his son while others bashed him.

“What about your son, Shad?!!!”

“So he forgot his son again?”

“So he’s going to not include his son once again?”

“He always sneak dissing a kid he corny.”

“He hasn’t had a headache in 3 years? What about when he wasn’t claiming his baby? And by the looks of the tweet he still ain’t.”

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