‘The Hell Is This’: Angela Simmons Fans Chime In After Bow Wow Shades Her Latest Dance Video

Angela Simmons‘ dancing video on Jan. 27 went left after her ex Bow Wow criticized the star’s movements when she participated in a viral challenge called Everybody Dance Now. 

The trend, which began in May 2020, was created by TikTok user Mufasa and C.T. Moody. The clip showed Mufasa doing various dance moves to C+C Music Factory’s 1990 single “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” as Moody cheered him on in the background for a well-done performance. 

Angela Simmons’ latest dance video goes left after Bow Wow calls the star out for her less-than-impressive moves. Photo:@angelasimmons/Instagram

Simmons copied the video’s original premise and incorporated her own moves as her makeup artist Donovan Lamar encouraged the 34-year-old to dance after arranging what appears to be her shoes. 

The recording abruptly continued with the “Growing Up Hip Hop” star warming up by moving side to side. Simmons ended the clip by twerking to the song’s beat. Although it is unclear if the star was seriously dancing or joking around, she informed her followers the reason behind her moves was because Friday was nearing. Simmons captioned the post, “Woke up like … it’s almost Friyay.” 

Following her upload, Bow Wow mentioned in her comments section how unimpressed he was. He said, “The hell is this u pose to go off.” The entrepreneur clapped back by asking the rapper to show the world his version before roasting her. She wrote, “ok show me your version lol thanks.”

Angela Simmons responds to Bow Wow’s previous remarks after the rapper criticized her dance moves. Photo:@angelasimmons/Instagram

When fans viewed Simmons’ post, many agreed with Bow Wow’s previous sentiments and shared how this clip wasn’t one of the star’s best performances. One social media user even went as far as to say they aren’t surprised by this video because Simmons can’t dance.

“I don’t know why I expected more but it’s Angela so … could’ve gave a lil more.”

“Lawd help her with the moves.”

“Naaaaah Ang you was supposed to kill it.”

“U didn’t give me what I thought u could’ve gave lol do it over.”

“Idk why y’all acting surprise, y’all know she can’t dance .. ‘just keep it cute. ‘”

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