‘I’m Not Interested In Your Husband’: Sharon Osbourne Says Whitney Houston Once Confronted Her for Allegedly ‘Trying to’ Sleep with Bobby Brown 

Sharon Osbourne claims that the late Whitney Houston once confronted her about wanting to sleep with Bobby Brown. Osbourne made the claim during the Nov. 13 episode of her family’s podcast, “The Osbournes Podcast.”

The 71-year-old former host of “The Talk” said that when she was hosting VH1’s “Diva Duets” back in 2003, Houston confronted her about wanting to hook up her husband.

Sharon Osbourne claims Whitney Houston once confronted her about attempting to hook up with Bobby Brown.
Sharon Osbourne claims Whitney Houston once confronted her about attempting to hook up with Bobby Brown. (Photos: @sharonosbourne/Instagram; LUCY NICHOLSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Okay, I was hosting the Divas for VH1, and I was at sound check, and Whitney was up on stage doing her sound check,” said Osbourne at the 1:00:16 mark of the interview. “And her little girl obviously liked watching ‘The Osbournes’ and she came up and sat next to me.”

Osbourne went on to say that Houston stopped singing mid-song to confront her about Brown.

“Gorgeous little thing,” she continued. “And then suddenly her dad came and sat on the other side of me, Bobby. And Whitney’s up there singing, and then she stops singing, and the track’s still going, and slowly the track stops. And she goes, ‘Mrs. Osbourne, are you trying to f—k my husband?’ And I’m like, ‘uh, uh, uh, no, no, please, I’m not!’ I went running, running down the aisle, and I’m like, ‘No, no, no, you don’t understand! No, no, no, I wasn’t. I wasn’t.’ ”

Osbourne claimed that Houston then took note of a diamond ring she was wearing, and Osbourne insisted she have it.

“She goes, ‘Let me see that ring,’ and she looks at the ring and I said, ‘I’d love you to have it,’ and I gave her the ring. Anything. And so I gave her the ring, threw it at her and I said, ‘I promise you, I’m not interested in your husband. I’m married’ and she then she goes, ‘All right, then. Okay.”

Osbourne went on to say that Houston was always nice to her after the confrontation when they ran into each other at future events. Her daughter, Kelly Osbourne, agreed, noting how “nice” and “funny” the “I Will Always Love You” singer was.

Fans reacted to the story after a clip was shared with Hollywood Unlocked on Instagram, and the reactions were mixed.

“I feel like Whitney was yanking her chain lol.. you know Nippy loved to play,” replied one fan. “Now we know you wouldn’t be saying this if she still was alive she’ll put you right in your place,” added another.

Meanwhile, a handful noted Houston’s deep, devoted love for her then-husband. Two said, “I believe it! She didn’t play behind Bobby!” and “Whitney was the definition of My Man My Man Love Her Tho.”

Houston passed on Feb. 11, 2012. She and Brown had been divorced for five years at that time after four years of marriage. They shared one daughter, Bobbi Kristina, who was found unconscious in a bathtub in her home in 2015, which was similar to the fate of her mother. 

Fans also reacted to Osbourne’s remarks on X, formally Twitter.

“Why is Sharon Osbourne always have black woman in her mouth every time you turn around she always has a black woman’s name in her mouth,” that person wrote. “If it’s not Meghan Markle then it’s Whitney Houston. Why don’t you have something else to talk about?”

But this isn’t the first time Osbourne said something to ruffle fans’ feathers. In March 2021, she was fired from “The Talk” after she became hysterical during a heated discussion about race with her co-host, Sheryl Underwood.

Underwood took issue with Osbourne, defending her longtime friend and “Good Morning Britain” journalist Piers Morgan regarding his racist comments about Meghan Markle.

Osbourne cursed Underwood out for implying that she was racist for defending Morgan, and after a two-week hiatus, she was let go from the show.

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